Creating One On One Time With Each Child

"Maybe I'll paint the sky blue/ my greatest creation was you." - Jay Z

Spending one on one time with your children not only helps build your bond but it also helps build their self-confidence. I believe by showing them that their unique characteristics matter you are helping them become mentally and emotionally stronger. There are plenty of ways of going about creating that individual bonding time with your children. You can bring them into your world and include them in your routine. For example, if you are preparing dinner allow one of children to help that night. Time to clean up after dinner, invite a different child to assist with washing the dishes. Even if your tine is required outside of the home, say you need to run errand. Pick one child to go with you and spend that time together.  Making yourself available to them and engaging in their interest is another great option. Does your child have a special hobby or interest? Take the time to share that interest with them. Kick back and challenge your kid to a video game, pull out a sketch pad and doddle with your little artist, or hop on a bike and take a ride around the block if that's what that child is into. One of my favorite things to do is to schedule a mommy and me day for each of my three children. We head out and spend the day together just the two of us and they love it.

While mommy and me days are a hit, I'd be lying if I say it was something we did often because truth be told with three children and the busyness of life going out on three separate days doing all things just isn't realistic for my household. Most of our one-on-one time happens pretty organically throughout our everyday lives. For me I have certain things that I just bond with each of my children over and we hold that space for each other. I will share a few examples. 

My oldest child and I bond over all things food. Foodies at heart we not only love to venture out and explore local eats but we watch cooking shows together, cook meals together, and discuss different cultural cuisines and so much more. When we're planning family trips we sit together and find all the yummy local spots for our family to try out.

With my oldest daughter, we bond over fashion and music. We love to stroll our favorite online shops and fill our cart and Wishlist with pieces we love, or pin looks on Pinterest we want to recreate. We also bond of music. As a music lover I'm proud to say my kid can hold the aux cord whenever she wants.

When it comes to my baby girl, she's a book lover like her mom so we naturally fall into the art of storytelling when it's just the two of us. She reads to me, I read to her, we read together. We share stories and list of books we want to add to our home libraries. She also loves to share different material she read at school with me, and we sit and talk about that for what seem like hours (even though it's probably only a few minutes). It's like we are in our very own book club, and we love it here. 

There are so many different ways to create one on one time with each of children. The key is to find what works best for you and your family and begin to create memories and build a stronger bond with each of your children individually. 


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