Spooky Szn Bucketlist 2021

In the words of my 7-year daughter…. IT’S THE SPOOKY MONTH! The time has come to grab your ghoul squad, boo crew, or ghost gang and embrace all things spooky! Halloween is my youngest daughter favorite time of the year, and it all goes down in her birthday month, so we always make sure to have as much fun as possible during this time of the year. If you are looking for some festive activities to celebrate, check out our Spooky Season Bucket List below…. If you dare.

1. Have a Halloween movie marathon
2. Go on a pumpkin painting picnic
3. Make a scary cute snack tray
4. Carve pumpkins
5. Bake Halloween cookies
6. Do festive crafts
7. Attend a local Halloween event
8. Dress in all black
9. Spend the day in Halloween pajamas
10. Support a black owned business
11. Read Halloween Books
12. Tell ghost stories 

13. Create a spooky playlist to jam to
14. Make a Halloween themed breakfast
15. Eat candy of course 
16. Serve a Halloween theme dinner
17. Create scary cute hairstyles
18. Go on a ghost hunt
19. Enjoy a nighttime hayride
20. Make your way through a flashlight corn maze
21. DIY Halloween costumes
22. Go trick or treating
23. Get all decked out in Halloween costumes
24. Set up a Halloween themed snack bar full of festive treats
25. Make Halloween cocktails and mocktails because momma gotta have a life too
26. Go on a spooky adventure
27. Deck your house out in Halloween décor
28. Make a spooky packed lunch for school
39. Make boo baskets
30. Play Halloween themed games
31. Have A Halloween Photo Shoot 



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