Halloween Monster Burgers

Whether you’re looking something special to serve at your next Halloween bash or a wow factor for family dinner these monster burgers are it. I served them for dinner on my Halloween obsessed burger loving daughter’s birthday and I’m sure I got mother of the year award. The best part is they are really easy to make. With a few store brought items you too can be a Pinterest-ish mom like me.


All You Need:

Turkey Burgers






Burger Buns







All You Gotta Do Is

Cook your burger, homemade or froze the choice is yours. Sticking to my Pinterest-ish mom vibe I tossed a few froze patties in the oven and they came out tasty. Take you cheese and cut out zig zag, and triangle shapes for monster teeth and fangs. Place an olive on the end of a toothpick and set aside. Once your burgers are done cooking let the layering begin. I started with a bed of lettuce, placed the burger on top, added the cheese teeth/ fangs, then added the rest of the kids’ favorite toppings. Once everything was secured between both buns, I stick the olive eyes on top and voila easy to make Monster Burgers!


Feel free to add and subtract whatever you feel fit. My children aren’t a fan of tomatoes, so we left them out. Simply make the burger your family loves with a few tiny spooktacular details.  Easy right?