Things Grow Here. 4 benefits of gardening with kids

It’s Spring! Time to get dirty and help things grow. For as long as I can remember my daughter has wanted a garden of her own. With us staying home more than ever I figured now was a perfect time to take on this new project. Full disclosure I have never had a garden or worked in a garden, and if I’m being completely honest, I’m convinced my green thumb is black. While I’m no expert on gardens I have done my research and there are so many benefits to gardening with children. I’ll share with you five benefits that really caught my attention.

1. Engaging all five senses.

When gardening it is easy to explore all five senses. The feel of the girl, the smell of the plant, and the taste of fresh strawberries, watching things grow and listening to the sounds all around you as you work.

2. Teaches Responsibly

Gardening teaches kids planning, organization and obligation. Plants require a lot of attention, time, and care.

3. Patience

If your kids are anything like mine this is a much-needed lesson. Being raised in the era of instant gratification it’s not only a much-needed lesson but a refreshing one as well. Gardening can take weeks, even months, for your seeds to grow and harvest.

4. Family Time

How amazing would it be to work together as family to grow something together? Yes, it can be a lot of work, but the time spent together will be worth it. Creating memories and bonding together.


With my child’s spark of interest in gardening and the many benefits I’ve learned I’m super excited to take on this new activity. If you have any advice, please feel free to share below.

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