How To Style Two Strand Twist: Kids Edition

Spring Break is right around the corner, so you know what that means? Protective hair styles for all! YOU GET A PROTECTIVE STYLE! YOU GET A PROTECTIVE STYLE! YOU GET A PROTECTIVE STYLE! In my Oprah voice.

No, but seriously, with a mixture of sun, swimming, and plenty of outdoor fun ahead of us protective hairstyles are a must. Not to mention mommy will be on break too, I’m not trying to be doing hair all week long. What’s a protective hairstyle? A protective hairstyle is a style that tucks the ends of your hair away from being exposed to things that can damage it such as the sun, heat, and constant manipulation.

In this post we will be focusing on two strand twist. I find this style to be one of the easiest for me to accomplish in the shortest amount of time. If you hadn’t noticed by now, I prefer things that keep their hair healthy while also being easy to do. Why you asked? Well, partially because having a house full of naturals can feel like constant work but also because I’m no beautician. Simply put I DON’T HAVE THOSE SKILLS…. Ok there I admitted it. I can’t cornrow, I don’t have the patience to part extremely neat, and my grip game is weak, so box braids are out of the question. With that being said…. we work with what we got, and it seems to be working for us just fine. Below I shared how we style the girl’s twist. My daughters are ages ten and six. These styles have been little kid and tween approved.  

Style 1
Let those twist hang! 
Add a clip or bow for a little extra something something.   

Style 2 
Space buns with a twist. 
Sometimes my youngest just doesn’t want anything on her neck and we found this style to be convenient, comfortable, and cute. 
Style 3
Half Up Half Down
My oldest loves a half up half down moment. A high pony with a few pieces left down takes this very common style up a notch.
Style 4
The Side Pony
Like I mentioned my girl loves a half up half down moment. Gather the pieces in the front to the side to create a ponytail and boom a new look in seconds.

With these four easy styles you can’t go wrong. Your child gets a new look and you don’t have to manipulate their hair too much. I mean the point of a protective style is to protect the hair. Here is to keeping things simple and cute while helping their hair thrive in all it’s beautiful naturalness.

Products used while styling: 
Lotta Body Control Me Edge Gel
Let's Jam Condition $ Shine Gel extra hold


  1. Love two strand twists as a protective style. The girls are super cute you do such a great job with their hair

    1. They look good and they're super easy to do. I love them too and thank you!


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