That Dope Mom Blog Holiday Bucket List

 It's the most magical time of the year!

The holidays are here and I won't lie I am stressed! My days are filled with rushed energy, it feels as though everything is sold out as soon as it's stocked, and the days are passing by quickly. While we traditionally create holiday bucket lists to help get everyone in the holiday season this year it is my little helper. Our list has truly become a guide to help ease my anxiety and help me focus on the things that bring us the most joy during the holidays. Below I'll share our 2020 Holiday Bucket List.

1. Holiday Movie Marathon- Weather your into the classic or watching a new release there is nothing like a Christmas movie to get you into the holiday spirit. Get cozy in holiday pajamas, stock up on festive snacks, and pack in as many movies as possible. 

2. Bake Christmas Cookies- There are so many benefits to getting kids in the kitchen. Baking Christmas cookies is a fun way to get them hands on and involved. Whether you are creating Pinterest worthy master pieces or decorating pre baked store brought cookies make it fun! Let the kids make a mess and let their creative juices flow.

3. Make Snow- Now this can be fun for anyone living anywhere but for children growing up in Florida, where snow days during the holidays just don't happen, this activity is extra special. There are many different ways to achieve this, I've even read tutorials that required only two ingredients TWO!

4. Donate- the reason for the season! Taking my children to shop for toys to donate to other children is one of my holiday highlights. It's easy for children to get the wrong idea about the true meaning of the holidays so it's important we as parents help guide and teach them. You can donate to a local toy drive, children's hospital or even a family in your community that is in need.

5. Shop Black Owned Businesses- there are lots of different black owned businesses you can support throughout the holidays from gifts for the entire family to holiday home decor. Check out the buy black tag on Instagram if you are in need of inspiration.

6. Support Local Businesses- shopping local is not only great environmentally but it is also great for the community. Shopping for gifts locally is also a great way to gift personal and unique pieces. 

7. Drive through Christmas lights- Taking the family to see drive through Christmas light instillations is the perfect social distancing holiday adventure

8. Make Smores- the holidays are all about creating cozy family moments and there is nothing more cozy than yummy warm smores. 

9. Gingerbread House Competition- building gingerbread homes are fun in itself but turn up the fun by turning it into a fun competition. You can even have different categories to ensure everyone is a winner. Most creative, best all around, most festive... the list goes on. 

10. Holiday Family Photos- In the year of social distancing and do it your self moments creating family holiday photos at home is golden.  Lucky for us we live in a time of tripods, self timers, and phones with amazing cameras built in. 

11. DIY ornaments- this may be one of my favorite holiday crafts to do with the kids because they can be done in so many different ways. No matter the age, ability or budget great diy ornaments can be created.   

12. Decorate Stockings- This is yet another easy fun holiday craft that can be fun no matter the age, ability, or budget. I love looking back at the different stockings my children created over the years.

I hope you are having a happy holiday and if you're feeling overwhelmed just remember to give yourself grace and focus on what's important to you and your family. You don't have to attend all the events, create all the crafts, or buy everyone everything they ask for. Happy Holidays