Made Of Magic 6th Birthday Celebration

Fairies and witches and wizards oh my! Over the weekend we celebrated our youngest child 6th birthday with a made of magic picnic! I won’t lie, we put this together extremely last minute, but it turned out so good. Since it was only the immediate family due to social distancing, I decided a budget friendly option was best. We gathered everything we needed from The Dollar Tree, Bullseye Playground at Target, and Walmart. Before I get started, I would like to thank my good sis Melissa over at Making it with the Matthews for the inspiration to do a birthday picnic.


The Decorations

I had two things going for me. My daughter loves the colors pink, black, and white which is an easy color combination to find in stores, and she was born in the same month as her favorite holiday, Halloween. The stores were filled with all sorts of scary cute décor. We started out by transforming her playhouse into a potion shop which made for the perfect backdrop. Adding balloons and a birthday banner was the perfect touch to ensure this was a birthday celebration and not a Halloween party. Once the playhouse was all done, we created a picnic area in front using a rug and two wooden pallets. Continuing the pink, black and white color scheme. We covered the pallets with an off-white blanket layered with a black cloth from The Dollar tree Halloween spot. From there we laid out a table scape filled with festive items. Everything from black skulls, to pink and black faux flower arrangements, to candles were all found at The Dollar Tree. The D.I.Y stacked spell books were also created with Dollar Tree items.


The Activities

If there are two thing fairies and witches and wizards have in common, it’s magic potions and magical wands so these were the two crafts we decided to go with for the day. Like most things from the party the items we used to create the wands were all from the dollar tree. While my son wasn’t into the wand making and decided to sit that one out the girls had a blast with this quick, easy, and affordable craft. When it was time to make the potions, he was back in the game. We used glass containers from yes you guessed it The Dollar tree to mix our Lennox Elixirs and Love potion number 6’s. This activity was a big hit. They also danced to a kids Halloween songs playlist and jumped their hearts out on the trampoline.


The Food

The food was simple and easy. Lennox loves McDonald’s so we kept it simple and grabbed their usual orders for their picnic. We grabbed one of her favorite readymade cake from Publix, added candles, placed it on a cake stand from Walmart and boom, birthday cake done. Luckily it matched the theme. We also grabbed some butter cream cupcakes from Publix and added edible eyes to them. We pretty much did the same with the Oreos. We covered half with pink frosting and added edible eyes for a scary cute treat. Pulled it all together with mixed fresh fruit and we were done.


The weather was perfect, and the kids spent the entire day enjoying time together in the backyard. Although things were a little last minute, like most things with this last-minute mama, they came together wonderfully. We got to celebrate the youngest of our tribe, shower her with love, and make yet another magical memory as a family. HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY LENNOX! You are definitely made of magic.