10 Alternatives to Trick or Treating 2020


Hey BOO! It’s almost the end of October which means we are days away from my youngest child favorite holiday, Halloween! It is right around the corner and this year it falls on a Saturday! How 2020 is that? The big question I see being ask is how does everyone plan on celebrating this year? We are still in the middle of a global pandemic, but we also want to keep a bit of normalcy for our families. If you don’t feel comfortable trick or treating but you still want to celebrate I have you covered. Below I’ll be sharing 10 fun ways you and your family can stay in the Halloween spirit this year!

1. Decorate Pumpkins- whether you are a pumpkin carver, painter, or has never purchased a pumpkin in your life I believe this is a great way to spend your Halloween night. Pumpkin decorating is something the entire family can participate in. You can either purchase a real pumpkin and carving set, a paper mache pumpkin, paint and glitter or both and let your creative juices flow. Make it a competition and give out awards for most creative, scariest, most details…etc.


2. Monster Mash- who says you need a large guest list to have a party? My husband, kids and I have parties all the time with just the five of us. Decorate the house, put together some scary good party foods, play fun Halloween theme games, create a Halloween playlist, put on your costumes and celebrate!


3. Halloween Movie Night- we love a good family movie night. Throw on your favorite Halloween pj’s, grab some popcorn and snacks, and snuggle up for a Halloween movie marathon. Get into the classics and enjoy some new releases all in the same night. Remember Halloween movies don’t have to be scary there are tons of kid friendly movies to enjoy.


4. Create Halloween Theme Snack Trays- A Halloween movie night celebration brings us to our next idea. Create a Halloween snack tray. You can make your own homemade snacks or purchase store brought Halloween theme ones along with tons of candy! Yup I said it, Halloween is all about the candy so pile it up.


5. Boo your family and friends- I’ll admit I’ve never boo’d a neighbor or have I been boo’d and I honestly never thought I would. This year however the idea of booing my nieces brings me joy. We normally trick or treat together as a family every year and since we are opting not to this year, I thought this would be a fun way to still celebrate with them social distance style. How to Boo you ask? It’s simple, create a bag or basket of Halloween goodies, and leave it on your friends, family, neighbors, doorstep with directions on how they can pass the fun along


6. Candy Hunt- one year for Halloween when the kids were younger, we had one of our us only Halloween parties. I filled little white bags with a few pieces of candy, drew ghost faces on them and hid them around the yard like an Easter egg hunt. They grabbed their flashlights and we went on a “ghost hunt” to find the candy. They had a blast!


7. Halloween Crafts- Do you have a million different Halloween crafts saved on Pinterest? Well, Halloween is the perfect time to do them all! Decorate a dedicated space in your home with festive Halloween décor, set up a crating area and create.


8. Halloween Costume Fashion Show- what’s your kids’ favorite part about Halloween? Is it the candy? How about the costumes? If you answered costumes, then this one is for you. Now, if your kids are anything like mine, they have tons of dress up items, Halloween costumes and accessories. You can all create different looks as a family and strut your stuff, or you can sit back and enjoy the fashion show as your littles put together different looks. A glass of wine may or may not make this a bit more fun…you be the judge of that. Lol


9. Tell ghost stories- take it back to camping days, sit around the fire pit, make smores and tell ghost stories. No pit, no smore no problem, the main idea here is to share ghost stories as a family. You can take turns sharing your individual tales or create one together. Have one family member start the story then have the next add on and so forth.


10. Scary Scavenger Hunt- create a scavenger hunt with a list of spooky clues for your kids to follow in order to find candy and other Halloween goodies. Do it at night with glow sticks and flashlights to make it more festive!


2020 isn’t canceled and neither is Halloween. Throw on those costumes, purchase that candy, get creative and have fun! If you still plan on trick or treating this year, I highly suggest reviewing the CDC’s latest safety guidelines for celebrating holidays. Whatever you decide to do this year stay safe and have fun!