Fun Ways To Spend Your Summer Days

It’s officially August which means it’s our last month of summer break. Can you believe it? Summer is almost over. I’m still a little shocked. I mentioned this on my Instagram, follow me over at That Dope Mom if you aren’t already, but 2020 has been the slowest yet fastest moving year thus far. While the back to school preparation starts now, we are also going to do our best to soak up these last few weeks of summer. Staying home due to a mixture of social distancing and escaping the Florida heat has us spending a lot of time together at home. Below I’ll share some fun ways we’ve been spending our summer days, so we won’t be bored in the house and in the house bored. Hopefully these will help you in some way.  

Make mealtime fun! I read somewhere that picnics are the new brunch and I totally agree. We take full advantage of the early morning coolness with breakfast picnics in the back yard. It gives a chance to get some fresh air and makes something as normal and necessary as eating fun and exciting. Want to make your breakfast picnic even more fun? Create a breakfast board with all your children’s favorites for the entire family to enjoy.


Get moving with dance parties! There is nothing more fun than turning on some music and letting loose right in your own living room. Not only are dance parties extremely fun, but they are a great way to get up and get moving. Grooving with your littles is not a good work out but a great way to make memories. The children constantly talk about the many times we’ve bust out with a random dance party while cooking meals or just hanging out in the living room. The joy on their face as they relive that moment says it all.


Recreate fun TikTok snacks. Kids love all things TikTok these days and we all know how beneficial cooking with children can be. You can increase language development, enhance fine moto skills, teach life skills, improve reading, math, and so much more all while encouraging gamily bonding. We’ve made dip n dots, smores dip, and breakfast Sundays and they’ve enjoyed them all. These snacks are extremely easy to recreate and they’re super yummy.


Make Rubber band bracelets. This activity is something both my little girl and big girl enjoy doing together. I purchased this rubber band bracelet kit on Amazon, and they have been content with making the entire family pieces ever since. It’s a fun and easy way to get them to put down the electronics and create something together.


Create chalk art with chalk paint. I think chalk is a universal summer must have for our home. As the kids get older, we’ve been trying new ways to enjoy chalk. This summer we’ve introduced them to chalk paint. While I had this grand idea of making our own, which we still may do someday, I couldn’t resist purchasing some when I found them on the shelves of our local Target. I also purchased a pack of stencils that were on the shelves along with them. Needless to say, chalk paint is a new family favorite.


Take advantage of your outside space with yard games! Before everything changed, we were always on the go and never really took full advantage of our big back yard. Now that we’ve been staying home a lot more, I realized just how much fun we’ve been missing out on. We brought a Sun Squad brand 4-game combo set from Target and entire family love it. This also a great way to encourage kids to get up and moving. 

I hope everyone has been able to create pockets of joy throughout the madness. Continue to stay safe, create memories, and make the best out of life. Feel free to share the fun ways you’ve been spending your summer days in the comments below.  


  1. Great post. Love it :)

  2. Stay safe keep pushing forward great blog blessed.

  3. All some good ideas! We take advantage of dance parties all year round !

  4. My babies has so much fun creating & using their imagination great post.


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