5 Ways to Style Your Gigi Pip hat

"This post is sponsored by Gigi Pip  but all thoughts and opinions are my own."

Like most people we have been social distancing for months now. As the spring turned into summer, I found myself in a funk. My days were running into each other and it felt as if I was waiting for “this all to be over” in order to live. I then began to make the most out of our situation. Yes, we were home more, and things were uncertain but there was no reason we couldn’t find pockets of joy throughout the madness.


As the days continued to pass I noticed we needed a change and adding a little more structure to our days was key. While chilling in the house in pajamas is always fun and may I add needed, actually getting up and getting ready for the day proved itself valuable. When I wake up and get myself dress, I not only feel better but I’m more productive.


I recently shared my summer favs featuring all the style items I am loving for my daughters and straw hat made the list. I not only love them for the girls but for myself as well. While putting together our looks the number one thing I find myself reaching for time and time again is our Gigi Pip hats. Stylish and great quality these hats are the perfect summer accessory. Gigi Pip's mission is to build confidence in women and the many hats they wear. With a mission like that it’s a no brainer on why I choose them to help me conquer my day in style. Below I’ll share 5 ways we rock our GIGI PIP hats during our summer days. 


1. Poolside Views


While sitting pretty pool side GIGI PIP hats are not only stylish but functional. This Florida sun is nothing to play with. Luckily for us these straw hats have great coverage to help protect us from the sun.


2. Neutral Mood


Some days call for quick and easy styles. The straw hat made this otherwise boring outfit of yoga pants and a tank top pop.

This may be one of my favorite looks on the girls and it is by far the easiest to put together. Toss on a romper and a straw hat and they’re outfits are popping just like their mom.


3. Denim Divas

The straw hat and denim combo are by far one of my preferred groupings. I’m a denim girl so I may be bias but together these two very simple items are so versatile. They go from day to night effortlessly.


4. Summer Strips

Do you like patterns or do you stick to solids? If the thought of patterns scare you try staring out with classic designs like strips. This soft blue and pink strip look the girls and I rocked paired with our straw hats gave me easy breezy summer vibes.


5. Hues OF Blue

While some days call for pajamas and some call for mom uniforms of leggings and tank tops others call for a boss mom moment. I am a sucker for a two-piece suit paired with sneakers and of course a GIGI PIP hat. When styled together this looks screams Boss Mom. My youngest wore a linen dress while my oldest went for white shorts and a tee...both of these looks are classic summer styles. Linen is a great fabric to wear during this hot season and white shorts and summer go together like peanut better and jelly. 


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  1. Yeah I’ll definitely Slade all the luxe but it’s something about the blue hues..... That was my fav! The Gigipip hats definitely elevate the looks too


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