31 Back to School Blog Post Ideas

As a blogger one of the most beneficial tips I received was to plan out your blog post ahead of time. I remember someone telling me before I posted my first blog post I should already have 3-5 post written out and ready to go. Now, I’ll admit, that procrastination spirit lives within me and sometimes I thrive off the pressure of creating last minute, but it’s not an all-around healthy way for me to work. I’m often left feeling stressed out and overwhelmed with my anxiety through the roof. With the new school year approaching and so many people left trying to figure out what that will look like for their families trying to create back to school content only adds more stress. So, to help my fellow bloggers stay on top of their game I’m sharing 31 Back to School Blog Post Ideas


1. School Supplies: No matter if your child(ren) are going back to a brick and mortar school or staying home there will still be a need for school supplies.

2.  Back to School Morning Routine: share what your morning routine looks like in your home and even give tips on ways to help mornings go smoother for both parents and children.

3. Teacher Gift Ideas: Every year we want to show our teachers how much we appreciate them, and this year is no different. I know things look a lot different and that includes finances for a lot of families. No worries there are plenty of free and creative gifts to give your child(ren) teacher. Check out my blog post here for inspiration.

4. School Year Goals: Share your goals and your child(ren) goals for the new school year and ways to help reach them.

5. Lunch Ideas: whether you are sharing fun cute kids lunch ideas, money saving quick and easy lunch ideas, or a combination of both kids need to eat, and moms can use help figuring it out.

6. Planners: confession I do not have a planner but this year I’m getting one for sure. Share a list of the best planners you’ve used to far or how your readers can make their own!

7. Back to School Reading: share your favorite school related children’s books, or any children’s book you feel a child should have in their library.

8. Home School- I know a lot more people are interested in home school then ever before. Do you already home school your children? Are you a first-time home schooler? Are you still thinking of homeschooling? Share all about it.

9. First Day of School Prep: share ways you prepare your child(ren) for that first day of school.

10. End of Summer Reading: share your child(ren) end of summer reading list or help parents create one of their own

11. Tax Free Weekend: Do you take advantage of the tax-free weekend? Share all about it!

12. Shopping Check List: when it come to back to school shopping things can get out of hand quickly help parents stay on task with a back to school check list.

13. School Uniforms: is your child wearing uniforms this year or have they worn them in the past? You can share where to find the best deals, how to style them, or even tips on how many uniforms a child may need and ways to keep them looking fresh throughout the school year.

14. Lunch Box Review: does your child take a lunch to school? What lunch box do you recommend and why?

15. Lunch Note Ideas: lunch notes are my children’s favorite! I’ve always put them in their lunches even before they could read. I’d just draw little pictures for them to enjoy. Do you buy lunch notes or create your own? Share it with your readers.

16. Snack Options: No matter where your child will be schooling this year, we all know snacks are life! Share easy, affordable, healthy, or even Pinterest worthy creative kids’ snacks.

17. Homework: share homework tips with your readers to make things as stress-free as possible.

18. Making Tough Decisions: share your story on what back to school will look like for you and your family this year. You never know who you may help just by sharing your personal thoughts and experiences.

19. Inclusivity in The Classroom: representation matters share ways your child(ren} class is making sure they are address the needs of all students whether that class be in your own home or in a brick and mortar school. Or share ways/ tips on how to promote a more inclusive learning environment.

20. Back to School Look Book- Does your child wear a uniform? Do they attend a uniform free school? Will they be home distant learning? Either way they will need to be dressed for school. Even if dressed means a cute and comfy PJ set.

21. Back to School Interview: I’m obsessed with interviewing my children. I think it’s so fun to go back and see how their answers change every year. We normally do birthday interviews. Check out my daughter’s 10th birthday interview here. Why not do a back to school interview every year?

22. Study Tips: studying doesn’t come easy to everyone. Share tips to help students create good study habits

23. Backpack review: will your child be carrying a backpack this year? Share some of your favorites.

24. What’s in my child(ren) backpack. Share what your child(ren) carry in their backpacks how you guys keep it organized.

25. Organization Tips: share ways to stay organized throughout the school year

26. Distant Learning Tips: we all got a little taste of distant learning at the end of the school year what did you learn during those months for a much easier learning experience at home?

27. After School Activities: with everything being so different these days what does that look like for sports, clubs, and any other after school activity you child was/is involved with.

28. IEPs: does your child receive an IEP at school? Will they be home schooled or doing distant learning this year? How is your child(ren) IEP being implemented in your home school plan? What questions should parents be asking regarding this subject? What resources can they look to for help? Share whatever information you can to help another parent in need.

29. Kids mental health matters- share resources, tips, advice, or anything you can to help parents who want to make sure their children’s mental health is a priority during these difficult times.

30. Mommy Selfcare tips- we can not pour from an empty cup. Give moms tips on ways they can take care of themselves during these difficult times

31. Back to School Schedule: share your back to school schedule or help parents create their own.


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  9. No matter how hard I try to prepare, back to school always sneaks up on me. Of course, this year I accidentally booked a carpet cleaner for the first day of school, right when I need to drop my kindergartner off in the morning. Anyway, I'm glad I have your tips to help the rest of back to school go a little smoother this year. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Your focus on creating back-to-school content is very relevant. Many families are still looking for guidance and ideas. Sharing 31 back-to-school blog post ideas is a fantastic way to support fellow bloggers. This not only helps them stay on top of their game but also provides valuable content for readers who are navigating the challenges of a new school year. Thanks for sharing!


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