Jacksonville, FL, USA


It is that time of year again. You know what I'm talking about right? That time where we show our kids teachers just how much we appreciate all that they do. I am always grateful for my children teachers. I have been fortunate to have had some pretty amazing educators in my children’s lives thus far.

With the switch over to distance learning I have a whole new level of respect for the teachers around the world. My children’s teachers have gone above and beyond to make sure all my questions are answered. They have gone out of their to take into consideration things that were not working for us with schooling from home and coming up with better solutions. 

My children’s teachers are not the only ones going the extra mile. I know you have seen the post all around of internet. Teachers sitting in driveways for special story times for their students who may be struggling a bit with their new normal. Teachers making time to give students extra help from outside a window who may be struggling a bit with assignments. Or entire schools putting together parades driving through their student’s neighborhoods just to let them know they are thinking of them.

Well with teacher apricate week quickly approaching now is your chance to return that love. Below I will be sharing a few free ways to say thank you from a distance. That is right you heard correctly I said free! Teachers never expect parents to break the bank and with things being so uncertain these days spending extra money may not be an option at the moment. No worries I have you covered.  

Use apps like Canvas to create custom thank you cards and email a different one each day of teacher appreciation week. The app is free, and you can have the option of creating one from scratch or using a ready-made template. 
Send an email to all the parents in your child’s class and ask for a photo of their child hard at work working on class lessons. The easiest way to get in contact with your child’s classmates’ parents is to have the class mom reach out. She may already have their emails. Or even reach out to the teacher themselves. If you want the collage to be a surprise you do not have to disclose what you guys are up to. You can also have your child reach out to their own classmates. Create a student only zoom meeting to discuss or even a class chat. Then create a collage thanking their teacher for all the hard work they do. The Canvas app can also be used to create this collage.
Simple yet heartfelt a personalized email expressing your gratitude is the perfect way to tell your child’s teacher exactly how much you appreciate them in your own words. 
What better way to show your appreciation then right there in distant learning class? Thank about how surprised your child’s teacher will be when she/he log into the zoom class meeting for the day and is greeted by subtle thank you signs acting as backdrops for the day. Simply decorate a large poster board and hang it behind your child before they log into their zoom class. It is that easy.
A backdrop not your thing? No worries you can always just have each student hold up a thank you sign. Get those creative juices flowing and decorate a piece of paper to hold up before class to say thank you!
Ok well not quiet a movie but a video. Using apps such as iMovie can make the process a breeze. Collect a video of your child’s classmates saying a short message for their teacher then combine them all into a cute little thank you video.

Thoughtful, creative, and fun, any of these ideas will mean so much to the educators in your child’s life. They will appreciate the time and effort you put into showing them how much you appreciate all the hard work they have been doing. In these strange and different times, we are living in showing gratitude spreading positivity, and simply being kind will go a long way. Showing teachers how much they are appreciated does not have to cost a dime.