10 Things I Wish I Knew As A New Asthma Mom

Looking back the signs were there, I just didn't know to look. I remember a time when she was a baby and she woke up with blue lips. She didn't seem to be struggling to breath, there were no visible signs of distress but we rushed her to the hospital just incase. By the time we arrived to the ER her lips had returned to their normal color. We took her in any but nothing came up. A follow up to her pediatrician, because that's what you do after a trip to the ER, but nothing. She was as healthy as any child her age. Time went on and there was no more incidents, we didn't even think twice about it. Fast forward to the age of two and our little girl with a common cold was now having a full blown asthma attack. I was terrified. I had never seen what an actual asthma attack look like in person not to mention our kid didn't have an asthma diagnosis. Honestly, I didn't even know she was having an asthma attack. All I knew was her stomach was contracting, her chest was caving, and she couldn't speak. That was our first introduction into the world of parenting a child with asthma. No longer a toddler, now a young child, we are a few years in but there are a few things I wish we would have known ahead of time.

1. I wish I knew what triggers were and what to look out for. What are triggers you ask?
An asthma trigger is anything that brings on coughing, wheezing, trouble breathing, and other symptoms in a person with asthma.

Examples of triggers:

  • Pollen, dust mites, mold spores, and pet dander 
  • Respiratory infections, like the common cold.
  • Physical activity 
  • Cold air

2. I wish I knew there were different types of asthma. There is everything from allergic asthma, to night time asthma, even adult onset asthma and the list goes on.

3. I wish I knew there would be a crazy hyper jumping off the wall response to the liquid steroid. I thought my child has lost her mind for a moment and didn't know where her boost of energy had come from. If you are an asthma mom you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

4. I wish I knew that it takes a while for her coughing fits to subside after using the inhaler. It isn't instant as a matter of fact the cough could linger for days or weeks.

5. I wish I knew that just because she is still coughing it doesn't mean her medicine wasn't working.

6. I wish I knew it would be difficult getting an asthma diagnosis under the age of five. Not all wheezing and coughing is caused by asthma, sometimes your child may or may not experience wheezing all together. There needs to be a good medical history for your child along with other things such as test before they can properly be diagnosis. 

7. I wish I knew just how physically draining an asthma attack was. Even when the danger of an asthma attack is over and everyone can breath a little easier my daughter still needs time for little body to rest and recover.

8. I wish I knew Eczema, Allergies, and Asthma went hand and hand. Maybe if I had know the connection between the three I would have been a little more prepared when signs appeared. 

9. I wish I had a better knowledge of our families, both mine and my husbands, history with Asthma because it can be an inherited trait. After finding out our daughters diagnosis we learned about so many others in our families who also struggle. 

10. I wish I knew not everyone takes asthma as serious as it is. I have actually heard people say things like "It's just asthma" as if struggling to breath was something to take lightly.

Asthma is nothing to take lightly. It is extremely scary and can be deadly. It's important to educate yourself and be prepared. As an asthma mom I've been through all the emotions, strong, weak, scared, sad, and the list goes on. Embrace your emotions don't apologize for them and do what you do best, mother. I'm a huge advocate for finding your tribe within whatever lane of motherhood you seek community from and build. You'd be surprised how much support and guidance you can receive from mothers who are walking in the same shoes as you. Like I've mentioned before I am not a professional I'm only a mom raising a kid with asthma. If you have any questions or concerns I highly suggest reaching out to a professional such as your child's pediatrician. 


  1. This is a good post sis, I don’t see a lot of posts like this and I’m sure there’s parents out there who feel the same.

    1. Thank you ❤️ I try to be as honest and open as I can in hopes to help other moms out there


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