4 Things We Love About Legoland Florida

(I received Legoland Florida tickets for review, however, all opinions are my own.) 

If you follow me on Instagram then you know over the summer we were invited to go to Legoland Florida. While this wasn’t our first time there it was extra special because we were celebrating my oldest daughter 9th birthday. With my mother and three children in tow, we hit the road for a quick three hour or so ride to Orlando. One of the many perks of being a JaxMom is having such easy access to all the super fun amusement parks. From our very first visit, we knew Legoland was the perfect spot for us. As a mother of three children, all different ages and different abilities I’m always on the search for a place that EVERYONE can have a good time. My main goal is to find somewhere that allows one child to be stimulated while also not over stimulating another. When you are mothering a preteen and a toddler you want to also make sure there is something to entertain everyone. I can say I have honestly found this and so much more in Legoland Florida. Here are FOUR things we love about Legoland!

1. There is something for EVERYONE:
Whether you are traveling with a baby or a grandparent Legoland has you covered. My son, the oldest of the crew loved all the Star Wars moments throughout the park and the Lego Ninjago World land. My oldest daughter is a sucker for the super girlie Heartlake City land. There is even a section with rides for the youngest of the family. Duplo Valley is perfect for toddlers and babies. The indoor play section is a must-visit. Equipped with patted flooring and air conditioning it’s the perfect little spot to let your little one out of their stroller to explore. It’s also a great place for a quick breather if you visit during one of those hot Florida months like we did. Like I mentioned earlier it’s also grandparent approved. My mom enjoyed the double-decker grand carousel placed right in the beginning in Fun Town, you can’t miss it. I thought it was special she was able to ride something with them as well. Everyone enjoyed the Lego Movie World, that wasn’t there our first time visiting. We all agreed EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME! My personal favorite is Miniland, it was awesome to see the details that were put into it.

2. The Park Size:
While there is so much to do in comparison to some of the other parks Legoland is a more intimate space. This is a huge plus for me and my family. We can see so much without being completely overwhelmed and drained. For those of you who are new here, I’m an autism mom as well as a gifted mom. The thought of taking a child with autism to an amusement park can be a little stressful for some. My son just so happens to LOVE rides and rollercoasters so it’s not as difficult for us. With a little prep and planning ahead of time we get it done. Legoland isn’t as big which means it isn’t as crowded so some of those things that may be a trigger are lessened. The wait for rides isn’t as long, the amount of people talking and moving around him isn’t as bad. All and all because this park is smaller he isn’t as over stimulated throughout the day. It’s also easier for my youngest to enjoy herself as well the attention span of a four-year-old can be short. Let's be honest here no matter where your child falls on the spectrum no one enjoys waiting in a line for over an hour. A little pro tip by starting in Lego City then work your way to the front you will avoid the crowds. You can also just purchase an Awesome Awaits Pass or a Premium Play Band for even faster access to rides.

3. Encouragement of creativity:
Ok, so I’m a sucker for all things creative. My children love to create. They also love to build. As their mother, I try to nurture their creativity as much as possible. I love providing them with many different opportunities to do so. Legoland must share our thoughts on creativity because from the building zone to the creation zone there are plenty of opportunities for your child to let those creative juices flow.  

4. Legoland was built for kids:
From lego inspired rides to the eye-catching colors and amazingly crafted lego figures throughout the park, everything was created with kids in mind. I loved the variety of foods and snacks for even the pickiest eater, and I have some of the pickiest eaters out there. You can tell they had children in mind when building this place. One of the very first things I fell in love with at Legoland Florida was the small lego stations set up at the ride. Instead of standing on line restless and bored your children can play at the lego station while you hold their spot. I thought this was genius.  

All in all Legoland Florida is a great destination for a family vacation. If you're ever in search for a fun-filled adventure with plenty of yummy treats, cool rides, and entertaining attractions I highly suggest giving Legoland a try. 



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    1. thank you for always joining in on the adventures...now if we can just get you to disney.....lol

  2. Legoland seems like the best place for us! Thank you for sharing your experience!

    1. you're welcome so glad to help. It is for sure a favorite of ours


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