That Dope Mom's 25 Days Til' Christmas Bucket List

I've been in the holiday spirit since before it was technically the holidays, what can I say I'm my mother's daughter. (She loves Christmas) While I've been all fa la la la my husband has more of a bah humbug mood. One thing I've noticed is people are either all in or all out during this time of year, there is no middle ground. No worries to all my grinch-ish people out there. I'm going to share with you all my 25 Days Til' Christmas Bucket List to help get you in the holiday spirit!

1. Get a Christmas Tree
2. Decorate The Christmas Tree
3. Decorate The House For The Holidays
4. Make Christmas Cookies
5. Decorate Stockings
6. Have A Christmas Theme Movie Night
7. Visit Santa
8. D.I.Y Christmas Ornaments 
9. Have A Christmas Music Dance Party
10. Donate Toys
11. Take Fun Christmas Photos
12. Read Christmas Books
13. Visit Family
14. Attend A Christmas Party
15. Build A Gingerbread House
16. Throw An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
17. Buy Christmas Pajamas 
18. Drink Hot Cocoa
19. Mail A Letter To Santa
20. Go sledding 
21. Go Ice skating
22. Make D.I.Y holiday gifts for teachers
23. Make Smores 
24. Shop For Thoughtful Gifts For Love Ones & Friends
25. Go To The Movies


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