5 Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

As Christmas approaches and we fill our carts with the perfect gifts, decorate our home in various holiday themes, and write out our menus for a fabulous Christmas dinner, don't forget to take a moment to remember what the holidays are really about. Don't get me wrong, we all love showering our love ones with presents, and filling our homes with laughter as we share a meal, that too is what the holidays are about. This is just a reminder to step back and remember to give back. Below I will be sharing five ways you can give back this holiday season.

1. Volunteer- Whether you are helping to build a home wiih Habitat For Humanity or serving meals at your local soup kitchen it's important for not you but your little ones as well to get out in your community and help those less fortunate. 

2. Donate- With a visit from Santa soon approaching this is the perfect time to gather up all those gently used toys, clothes, and books your little ones no longer use to donate to children in need. 

3. Smile- So lets be honest some times we are having a hard year our self. We have no extra time to volunteer and no extra money to buy toys to donate, or no extra hand me downs to giveaway. No worries you can still give back by simply smiling, they really are contagious. You will be surprised at how much you can brighten someones day by simply smiling at them

4. Give A Portion Of Your Proceeds To Charity- Are you a small shop? Do you own some sort of business? The holiday season is the perfect time to give a portion of your proceeds to a charity you hold dear to your heart. 

5. BE KIND- While this is known to be the most magical time of the year it is also the most stressful time of the year. We have to remember that we are all human. You never know what the cashier with the attitude just went through, or what distracted that person who forgot to use the proper signal while driving. Energy is transferable. Give off positive vibes through out the holiday season, you just may change someones life.