The Great Adventures Of Da Bratt Pack: Jacksonville Fair Edition

This past weekend we got to enjoy some much-needed fun at the Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair! I don’t know about you but I absolutely love the fair and always have. It’s been a part of my families tradition like oldies but goodies (music) blasting through the speakers on a Saturday morning or family holiday dinners. From going with my family as a child in Virginia to meeting up with my friends for some fun under the lights in coordinating outfits as a teen in Florida, the state fair holds some of my youths fondest memories. With that being said it was only right to make it apart of my children childhood as well and luckily for me they all love it just as much as I do.

This year has been our best fair experience hands down. First, while on a school field trip to the fair (which of course only included an amazing visit with the animals) we were informed that school-age children were allowed free admission that following Saturday from 10am-3pm. On top of that, the gift bag we received from the field trip visit included one free admission ticket. I mean how could we not go right? With the kids all getting in for free and one adult accounted for we only had to pay for one entrance. That alone made for a successful day if you ask me, but the mom wins didn’t stop there…OH NO!

This year my sister n law and I agreed to meet up for a fun cousins day so we decided to try and get there early. 10am was the goal. Dressed and out the house on time (WHAT? YES!) we headed to our destination. Ok, I know some people are thinking 10 am is way too early for the fair but when your house is always on a 7am wake-up call you’ve already been up for hours and ready to take on the day by 10 o clock. Parking was 10 dollars as expected but like the Superman, he is dad found us a free parking spot. YES! The wins just kept on rolling. I won’t lie this mama was like no what are you doing…I’m not walking but that’s because I didn’t realize just how close we were to the fairgrounds. We were parked maybe a block away. 


For years I’ve been trying to figure out the perfect time to take kids to the fair, for some reason I want to take them at night because of all the pretty lights, and while the lights are nice everything else is a bit chaotic. The lines are long, the big kids, teenagers, and adults are out and in full effect, and the place is just too crowded and overwhelming. My children don’t get to enjoy the rides I don’t get my fair food, well I do get my fair food but sometimes I have to make a decision on whether I’m getting a turkey leg or a funnel cake. There is no way those lines are going to allow me enough time to get both and who wants to have to make that decision?

Anyway, this year has sealed our fair going fate…we shall return every year at 10am lol. It was like having an amusement park all to oursleves. Which was perfect because all of the children are finally at an age where they can all ride the rides, even Lennox! She definitely lived her best fair life EVER! Equipped with her very own unlimited wrist band she rode every single ride her height allowed, some even twice. With no lines, and plenty of space to run and play the kids had the time of their lives. Oh and guess what? I got a turkey leg, lemonade, and a funnel cake! WHOOP WHOOP! By the time everyone started rolling in we were rolling out. I have to say today (well Saturday) was a good day. 


A few words of advice for all my fair going mamas and babes: go early, dress in layers, bring a bottle of water just incase, wear your most comfy closed toe shoes, shades, and a backpack diaper bag so your hands can be free to do your mommy thing.

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Any fun fair stories, tips, or advice? Share below in the comment section!


  1. did you go to the fair this year? are you planning on going?? let me know below.

  2. Love your pictures! That sky looks incredible! Going at 10 am is a genius mom hack. I'll have to keep that in mind when my son is old enough to enjoy the fair. The one here in NC is a pretty big deal every year also.

  3. Flashback to Fair fun days with family!! Keep them moving and stay organized with the backpack which we didn't have when ours were young. Seems like a great gift for my daughter with her 3 little ones!!


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