How We Keep A Happy Healthy Hive During Back To School ft Zarbee's Naturals

this post is sponsored by Zarbee's but all thought are my own

YES, it's another back to school post and sticking with the theme of having a healthy happy back to school session I will be sharing all about Zarbee's Naturals. From a cough and cold syrup to soothing saline nasal mist Zarbee's Natural has you covered. They make safe and effective products for the whole family! I've shared on my last post a few ways we like to prepare our little ones for back to school and one big way is a daily immune support gummy and multi-vitamin. Just like we want to prepare them mentally for the new school year we also want to prepare their bodies as well. 

With King's bronchitis and Aya's asthma, a simple cough can lead to a flare-up which then leads to missing valuable days of school or worst. Recently Aya had an overnight stay at the hospital that started with a sore throat and ended with an Asthma attack. She's doing amazingly now and we are happy it's all behind us. For the first time in a long time that small bug, which usually can take over a month to move through the house, skipped dad and I completely and didn't last long with the littles. Less than two weeks total including follow up appointments and they were all back to their healthy happy selves. I like to think those coughless nights (thanks to Zarbee's cough syrup) helped them rest and get well sooner. 

As parents, our goal is to send them off into the world as healthy and happy as possible. Along with good habits like washing our hands and coughing into our elbows to help prevent the passing of germs a daily Zarbee's Natural gummy help give my little ones an extra boost as well. 

Wholesome and effective Zarbee's Naturals uses handpicked natural ingredients whenever possible to keep the whole family healthy. They're also allergen-friendly which is yet another plus for my family because we have a food allergy in the home as well. Oh, and did I mention how yummy the elderberry immune support gummies are? My kids absolutely love them!

Zarbee's Naturals was founded by father and pediatrician Dr. Zak Zarbock. You can read all about their story here Feel free to check out their Instagram as well. 

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  1. share some ways you keep your family healthy and happy when the school season starts

  2. I live for Zarbee's Naturals! I have been using it since Ivy was born and it works amazing. I'm glad your family is feeling better. Great blog post today mama:)

  3. Love Zarbees been using them for years!!

  4. I love Zarbee's products, my daughter been giving it to my grandsons for several years and now my granddaughter uses it. I tried the Mucus product and it's awesome!! Wish I had some coupons for this

  5. We also do vitamins! The kids think they’re candies lol ��


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