Summer Must-Haves featuring Lily Jade

Summer 2018 is in full swing so I figured now is the perfect time to share with you all FIVE of our summer must-haves. 

1. Empress Abode luxury thick whipped creamy shea butter to keep us moisturized and protect us from the sun! If you are interested in this natural non-greasy shea butter you can order here

2. Shades! From target to forever 21 or our favorite at the moment (you can catch Aya sporting her fav trendy pair from this brand all over my Instagram ThatDopeMom  

3. Yeti Cup- these cups are perfect for these hot summer days. Fill it with ice and your drink (whether it's water or mommy juice)  will stay cool for hours! You can purchase one here

4. Curl Cap- these hats for us natural mamas has been saving me all summer long. Running around with three kids can get crazy and I don't always have time to style my hair so I toss one of these babies on and not only does my bad hair day turn into a dope hat day but I'm protected from the sun too!


5. LILY JADE- this diaper bag literally goes EVERYWHERE with us. I'd have to say this may be #1 on my list. 

Lily Jade

From Vegas to the Florida beaches my Lily Jade diaper bag has had the LITEST summer! I always tell people to call this diaper bag a diaper bag doesn't do it justice because it is so much more than that. My youngest is three, well past the diaper stage, and we still use it faithfully. Pack full of our summer must-haves, snacks, and my camera we wake up ready to take on the day. 

Lily Jade was created when one of our own, a fellow mom, noticed the need for a stylish yet functional bag when it was time for her to purchase one for herself. Now I don't know about you but I can relate. Who says you have to give up your dopeness just because you are a mom? You can still be THAT DOPE, MOM! Like I mentioned before this bag goes way beyond the baby years and that is exactly what she strived for, something that will last. Made out of rich leather, blush materials, and a well-organized design you can take this bag from play date to dinner date effortlessly. Now this part is what really got me with Lily Jade Co

"Your diaper bag dollars 
go the distance to help 
moms all across the globe. 

Lily Jade believes in elevating the life-giving, 

glory filled role of motherhood." -LilyJadeCo

They have partnered with to provide loving and practical resources for women with unplanned pregnancies and you can also check out their hashtag #LJADOPTION on Instagram to see how your purchase help to bless families committed to adoption.  

Visit Lily Jade Co. Instagram here to check out all the other dope moms styling in their bags and to keep up with what this amazing brand in up to.



  1. What are some of your summer must haves??

  2. I've been looking for a roomy stylish bag that I can also use as a diaper bag for my 13 month old. This one looks perfect!

    1. Thank you and it is! you will use it well into the toddler stage beyond.

  3. Love this post ! It’s so important for mamas to know that just because their children aren’t in diapers doesn’t mean a bag with enough space and organization for both their stuff and their kiddos stuff is VITAL! I really want a yeti-cup too loll

  4. how does a mom even do mom life without one? love it!


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