Cuddles With A Cause ft Cuddle + Kind


My kids have always leaned more towards stuff animals. While the girls like dolls they would much rather have something to snuggle so when I ran across Cuddle + Kind on Instagram I knew I had to get my hands on some of these adorable snuggle buddies. A cuddly doll! PERFECT. Their handknit designs are so beautiful they almost make you want to hoard them so your littles won't ruin them. That idea quickly went out the window when the cuties little mermaid, Maya, showed up on our doorstep. My youngest daughter immediately claimed her as her own and Maya the Mermaid has been on every summer adventure ever since. Luckily for me, little Miss Lennox loves her so much she's extremely careful with her. 


If you follow my blog or our Instagram than you know that I am a melanin momma raising three beautiful black kids and I am passionate about inclusion, diversity, and representation. When Maya arrived not only was she a mermaid (exciting because come on what little girl doesn't like mermaids) but the cutest little brown mermaid I have ever seen! There is nothing more special than having your kid excitedly open a doll and calls out "SHE LOOKS LIKE ME!" Cuddle + Kind does a great job at providing a wide range of dolls male, female, animal, majestic creature, pink, orange, or white, whatever your little one is into I'm pretty sure you will be able to find something they would love. 


When taking a closer look at the brand I fell in love with them even more. For every one doll they sale they are able to give 10 meals to feed children in need. You can check out their website here to read all about why, what, how, and where they give back. The creators of Cuddle + Kind also believe cuddles are important but so is fair trade. Beyond the meals:

"We started cuddle+kind 
to be a reflection of our values. 
That's why all our hand-knit dolls 
are ethically produced in Peru where 
we provide incredible artisans 
with a sustainable, 
fair trade income." -Cuddle + Kind

"Fair trade is a different way 
of doing business.
 It’s about making principles of fairness
 and decency a part of the products we buy.
Fair trade is a way for 
all of us to identify products 
that meet our values so we can
 make choices that have
 a positive impact on the world."
-Cuddle + Kind

HOW DOPE IS THIS BRAND?! Visit The Website-



  1. does your little one have a cuddle buddy that they take everywhere with them?


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