The Great Adventures of Da Bratt Pack: Dinosauria at Jax Zoo

Well, guys, spring break was about two weeks ago for us and boy are the kids missing it. The weather was a little crazy and we spent a few of those days rained in (check out rainy day spring break ideas here) but during the one sunny day, we were determined to go on a fun adventure. A few weeks back we won tickets to Dinosauria at Jacksonville Zoo thanks to Jax Moms Blog. If you live in or plan to visit Jacksonville I highly suggest checking them out! They are our go-to for all things family fun here in our city. From kid eats free days, to awesome events JaxMomsBlog keeps us in the know. 

While the tickets were good for a few months we figured spring break would be a great time to cash in on our winnings. This exhibit will be at the zoo from March through July 7th! Tickets for this event was actually a great price so even if we hadn’t won them we would have still made our way there. Tickets are only $3.00 for members and $4.00 for non-members. Great Price right!? 

Dressed and ready to go we headed to Dinosauria to meet the animatronic, life-like, carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs! There are about 21 species to check out altogether. So we started off your adventure inside the zoo where you enter through the iconic gates. The set up is just too much fun. The kids were getting all worked up and excited as we followed a path into a wooded swampy environment. 

Now I’m not going to lie Lennox refused to get off her grandmother lap and Aya was a little terrified as the dinos moved around and roared in the bushes, but as we continued through the path they began to ease up. They were amazed at how BIG the dinos were and had fun reading and sharing facts about each dinosaur as we passed. I highly recommend checking out this prehistoric fun exhibit before they’re extinct!   


  1. It sounds like it was....I think Shad would love the Dino exhibit

  2. This looks like so much fun! I love Kings face in the last photo lol

  3. My nephews would be all over a Dino exhibit, I need to look for one around here.


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