Surviving Spring Break with Kudo Banz

Ok, so we recently received Kudo Banz to try out and with the Da Bratt Pack on spring break we saw this as the perfect opportunity to put them to the test. Never heard of it? Oh well, let me fill you in. Kudos Banz is similar to sticker charts but on your child’s wrist so it’s always there when you need it. Perfect for at home or on the go. They help to decrease tantrums, creative better-listening skills and make parenting easier. 


First, you read the Kudo Banz story to your kids to help them get excited. My kids got a kick out of the fact that one of the characters was named after their dad. Next, you reward your child for good behavior by giving them a “Kudo” which is a little charm for their bands. Now be sure to save the magical kudos charm for last because once they have earned that third charm you scan it with the free downloadable app. There, they have the opportunity to spin a reward wheel that can even be customized to fit your individual child! 

I don’t know about your little ones but mine can get a little extra excited during holidays or breaks from school and spring break was no different. To ensure we all had a good time we sat down and set goals for when we were out on adventures. I wasn’t too sure how well this was going to work in the beginning. Especially when I leaned over to remind the youngest of the tribe to remember her table manners so she can earn her star and she matter of factly told me “I don’t like stars I like the moon.” To my surprise the Kudo Banz actually worked. Not only were they listening and following goals that they help set but they were working together and encouraging each other to do their best so they could spin their reward wheels together! We survived meals, a zoo day, and even a little spring break spring cleaning all with the help of Kudo Banz!


  1. We’re on spring break right now and they’re definitely coming in handy

  2. loving this post Kudo to you mama for using the Kudo banz haha

  3. Amaya definitely needs something like this, if only to keep her attitude and sass in check.


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