OH YOU FANCY HUH?? The Mom “Uniform” The Dope Mom Way

Behind every dope mom, there is a dope uniform. You know the go-to look that makes you feel like mom goals even though you probably just scrubbed throw up off the shoulder of your t-shirt. I've collab with two extremely dope moms Kiara Hadley from MuvaKeeks and Jalyssa Richardson from XOXO Jalyssa to share with you our Dope Mom Uniforms. While we each have different styles one thing remains the same WE FANCY (or at least well put together!)  


For me, my mom uniform almost always consists of a graphic tee, high waisted jeans, and sneakers. Quick! Easy! Comfy, but still stylish exactly what I feel a mom uniform needs to be. When it comes to the graphic tee they range from my favorite comics, a saying that describes my feelings perfectly, or even a dope concert tee... I mean you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Now the jeans.... HIGH WAISTED are my go to. They fit me well and make me look “snatched” all while hiding my mom pouch. Yes, I still have a mom pouch, yes my baby is three, I'm working on it my snapback game is weak but that's a different story for a different blog post. Sneakers are always my go to. They are comfy yet flyy. You can wear just about anything sweats, leggings, even a skirt, and with the right pair of sneakers you are automatically winning. My accessories may change over the years, for example, I’m rocking a trendy fanny pack (yes I used the word trendy and fanny pack in the same sentence in 2018) these days instead of my trusty backpack purse, but the blueprint remains the same. 

Hey ladies! My name is Jalyssa & I’m a mama of 3 boys. My mom uniform consists of quick & simple with a touch of “she’s extra”. I love a simple jumpsuit with loud accessories. My hair is my forgotten child so I have grown to love a cute head wrap. Give me some comfy shoes, some giant earrings, & a nice lip color & I am set. I don’t believe you have to sacrifice style for comfort. It takes me about 20 minutes a day to get ready & I have to be comfortable chasing around 3 crazy boys! xo Jalyssa

My style has definitely changed since becoming a mama. I still like to be fly, I just traded in my heels for sneaks. Having a busybody toddler, I'm always on the go, so my outfits usually reflect that. My staple piece is "mom jeans" or boyfriend jeans. they're stylish but still loose enough for me to move around in. Toss on a plaid shirt, my combat boots, and I'm ready to go.