Bunny Bait

Ok so I've said it before and I'll say it again I'm no Pinterest mom even though I'd love to be. With the kids home from school for Easter I figured a quick (because their attention spans are short) and easy (because I somehow didn't get the baking mom gene) Easter theme snack would be fun. So together we made BUNNY BAIT! What's bunny bait? Only the yummiest and most addictive snack ever! Oh, and did I mention it takes less than 20 minutes! 

Somebunny couldn't stop stealing all the candy  *cough* Lenny *cough*

All You Need Is:
1 bag Salted Popped Popcorn
1 cup Pretzel Bits
1 cup Easter Milk Chocolate M&M's 
1-16oz bag Bright White Wilton Candy Melts

All You Have To Do Is:
1. Line baking sheet with wax paper
2. Spread the popcorn out onto the baking sheet (make sure you remove all kernels
3. Heat the candy melts (use a microwavable safe dish on 50% for about 2-3 minute stirring every 30 seconds until melted)
4. Pour the melted chocolate evenly over the popcorn and gently mix
5. Add m&m's and sprinkles then mix again
6. Let harden for about 20 minutes then break apart


  1. haha how cute I love this I wanna try

  2. We might make some today thanx for the recipe

  3. Thanks for the recipe! I can't wait to try it !

  4. Definitely wanna try this recipe ! Seems like it would be perfect for party’s or shower favors !

  5. Sign me up for this! We have so much left over Easter candy that this would be perfect for.


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