Osmo Pizza Co.

Ok so have you guys ever heard of Osmo? Well, Osmo is a gaming accessory that has changed gaming for us with its hands-on features that bring real life and digital together. I first heard of this learning system from my seven-year-old daughter after they were introduced to it in her gifted class. When we received it in the mail she was beyond and excited and so was her older brother. A game they can both play together while also learning #mommywin for sure.

In honor of National Pizza Day! We were sent their Pizza Co. game to try out and I must say it didn’t disappoint. Not only does Da Bratt Pack LOVE pizza but they highly enjoyed running their own Pizza Shop. As a mom, I loved that they were working on their mental math skills and they didn’t even know it. Osmo will automatically adjust to your child’s ability so there is no need to worry if the problems are too advanced or not challenging enough.

Raising a kid with autism and one that is gifted it brings me joy when I can find something they can both enjoy together. Not only do they get to work on addition, subtraction, and fractions but they also get to practice how to pick up on nonverbal communication, something we are always working with King on. He struggles with picking up on what is going on around him socially, so this game provided the chance perfect practice. As you play Pizza Co you have to figure out how customers like their pizza from their facial expressions and body language. It’s said that play is the best way for children to learn and I agree. Osmo cooked up a good game with this one!

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