The Makings Of A Dope Mom

What does being a dope mom mean to you? Is it being able to continue to have effortless style while carrying a baby and after, you know those moms that are straight slaying motherhood?…. Bringing up bomb babies that match your flyy? What about making sure the whole family sneaker game is on point? #squadgoals Those moms that D.I.Y game is strong oh and the ones that are able to whip up Pinterest worthy snacks are dope too right? Can you consider yourself a dope mom if you are raising tiny humans who don’t know who NWA, Slick Rick, or Uncle Luke is? Ok... so you may still be dope if they don’t know actual lyrics to an Uncle Luke song or haven't watched any of his videos I mean he is the reason parental advisory was created. Does having well-cultured children make you dope? I personally believe being a dope mom can be all of those things and so much more. Let's not forget to add helping build self-esteem, supporting your child’s dreams, and loving them unconditionally to the list. According to the dictionary via google, because let's be honest I did not pick up a Webster for this, the definition of DOPE is very good and MOM means one's mother. So being a dope mom simply means being a very good mother….with a little extra swag.

In an attempt to be a swag worthy BETTER very good mother I took time out before the new year to reflect on myself. What more could I be doing to live my best life? I'm trying to have my Cardi B year Y'all. Living my best life also includes being my best me. Its said you can not fill up one's cup if yours is empty so this year will be my year of self-care. I vow to take care of my mental, emotional, and physical health. Its also said that action speaks louder than words so this right here the That Dope Mom Blog is part of my action. A little space on the internet that belongs to me where I can share, create, and hopefully even inspire. So here is to all you Dope Moms out there crushing motherhood and making mommy moves while hopefully creating some personal care habits of your own.


  1. YASSSS! SO proud of you sis! Youre truly an inspiration. Here's to you boo! The best is yet to come!!

    1. My Heart! Thank you sis. I truly appreciate all your love and support.

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