About Me

Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself My name is Niq! 
Sharnique to be exact and I am the creater of That Dope Mom Blog. 
The Blog was created Febuaray 1st of 2018 which is also my oldest child and only son birthday. I figured what greater day to birth a motherhood blog than on the day I actually became a mother? I am a sahm to three pretty dope kids. My oldest and only son is autistic, my first born daughter is gifted, and the one who completed the family is our little boss baby. She runs the house. We refer to them as Da Bratt Pack. 

I am orignially from Richmond Va, but now live in Florida. Reading, writing, and photography are a few of my hobbies. I love to capture the beautiful chaos we call life in hopes that when they get older they will be able to remember all the little things and share them with their families.  I love old school hip hop and 90's R&B. I can get down with some oldies but goodies too and even bop to the new school wave. Music is life! 

I'm currently engaged to my parnter in crime and father of Da Bratt Pack Mr. Washington. Yes you read that correctly after over 10 years and 3 kids we are finally tying the knot. You will be able to follow along on that jounry as well here on the blog. How that we've gotten aquainted I hope you stick around to get to know us better, we're pretty dope!

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