22 Blog Post Ideas for 2022

We are four days into the new year, and I thought what better way to kick things off then to share some new year blog post ideas. Since it’s now 2022 (wow time is really moving fast) I thought I’d share 22 blog post ideas below.

  • 2022 goals
  • Monthly goals
  • New Year resolution 
  • Your word for the new year and why
  • The story behind why you created your blog
  • A reflection on the previous year
  • A recap of your holiday celebration
  • A recap of how you brought in the new year
  • Travel plans for the new year
  • Valentine content 
  • Winter must haves
  • Home organization
  • Your January Playlist 
  • Book suggestions 
  • Books you want to read this year 
  • Selfcare tips
  • Affirmations and quotes to help kick off the new year
  • Winter outfit inspiration 
  • Your favorite recipes for winter days/nights
  • Candle suggestions
  • Cozy home decor 
  • Beauty and fashion must haves

I hope these suggestions help creating content for the new year a little easier. If you have any suggestions, please share in the comments. Content creation can get difficult especially if you have been creating for a while. Staying motivated and inspired can be hard but we're in this together. Happy New Year! 


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