Boo Baskets For Big Kids

 Big kids want to boo too! As my oldest daughter entered her pre-teen years one major piece of advice, I received from one of her counselors was this is not the time to let go. Yes, we want to encourage them to be more independent, we want to give them a bit more freedom to be with friends and explore their own interest. We also want to enjoy our newfound freedom of not having to mom it up all the time. I think the first day I walked into the kitchen to make lunch and she had already whipped up a meal herself I almost passed out. I mean a sandwich, chips, and a side of fruit is a meal, right? All jokes aside that piece of advice may have been the best yet because teaching them to be more responsible, independent, and giving them room to grow doesn’t mean you have to let go. There is a lot going on with them at this age. Life is changing, they are changing, mentally, emotionally, and physically this is a time to hold them close and keep some things the same. No matter how big or small.


I have always been a fan of creating celebration baskets for my children. It’s a fun cute way to kick off a new season or holiday and it can be done on any budget. It felt as if the idea of Boo Baskets were geared towards smaller children and as my babies became big kids, I realized we didn’t have to give them up. Even as teens the tradition can still live on. If you are a mom of older kids and teens and you’re looking to keep the tradition going but you have no idea what to add, it’s simple. Fill their boo baskets with things they enjoy year-round but make it spooky. Below I’ll share a few items I put into my pre-teen’s boo basket this year as inspiration.  


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