Spring Break Bucket List

Spring break is here and I'm somewhere between FINALLY!! I needed this break and ALREADY?? As we embark on a mixture of staying in and staying safe and social distant friendly outings we decided to stick with tradition and create a social distant friendly spring break bucket list. Below are 20 things we want to do during spring break.

1. Eat local

2. Visit a museum

3. Support a black owned business, weather it's purchasing sunscreen, spring attire, or ordering lunch from a black owned business.    

4. Dance under the stars

5. Pick fruit

6. Visit a park

7. Have a picnic 

8. Read at lease 1 book

9. Take a walk on the beach

10. Eat ice cream

11. Have a family game night

12. Family movie marathon 

13. Do something creative

14. Bake something

15. Buy flowers

16. Visit the farmers market

17. Plant something

18. Plan a bike ride

19. Grill on the BBQ

20. Watch the sunset

When I started writing this post it was right before spring break. It's now a week later and we had the best most relaxing time ever. Along with ideas on things you can do to make sure you and your children are able to enjoy your much needed break I'll share little tips that help us stay healthy and safe during this time. Getting up and out for adventures early seem to be the best way to beat crowds. We also tried to pick less popular days to visit places. I'm a stay at home/work from home mom that has to ability to create my own schedule. Knowing that kids being out on break doesn't mean parents are also free to explore we opted to venture out on week days instead of weekends. We avoided doing things after work hours or during lunch time as well. It seemed to work out for us. Of course we wore our mask and was sure to avoid touching things as much as possible but brought hand sanitizer along just incase, because lets be honest here kids love to touch sh*%. I hope this little bit of advice helps and if you have any to add please sure below. We are all here to help each other.