Interview with the birthday girl

Six years ago, on October 5th I was giving birth to what would be my last baby. Born at 34 weeks she came into the world on her terms and she’s been living that way ever since. Tiny and fierce I remembered all she wanted to do was stretch out under those lights in the NICU and not be bothered. She didn’t want to be snuggled, or swaddled, she just wanted her limbs free and to be left alone. The first thing her nurse said to me was “this is the first new born that has ever roll their eyes at me.” The youngest of the tribe, this little soul is already so perfectly aligned with her inner self it catches me off guard at times. Let’s just say I would love to have the ability to manifest the way she does when I grow up. LOL

In honor of her sixth birthday we will be sharing her birthday interview. As something to look back on when they’re older we conduct these interviews every year. Want to check out her older sister's 10th birthday interview? Click Here. How about her older brother's interview? Click Here Since Lennox is turning six, we will be sharing six questions below.

1. If you opened a store what would you sell? Candy! Because I like candy and the inside would look like rainbows! Rainbows and sparkly rainbows and swish rainbows (whatever that means). My store is going to be delightful. And the back of my store is going to be unicorn vs dragon. (she just received a unicorn vs dragon choose your quest book for her birthday)

2. What’s your superhero name and what powers do have? My name would be Rainbow Sparkly Unicorn. My power would be shooting food out my hands for me to eat all day, even Mc Donald’s. (this kid loves food lol)  

3. What would you do if you made the rules at home? I would play games all day and night there would be no time we could just play whatever time we want to.

4. What do you think you’re going to dream about tonight? Probably anime.

5. What makes you happy? Food. (told y’all this kid loves food lol)

6. You are outside. What are you doing? Probably jumping in muddy puddles, and throwing rocks at the street, and probably play with chalk, and play with Pokémon cards, and that’s all.

Stay Tune for details on how we celebrated our second quarantined birthday of the year. 


  1. Lennox's a little treasure here all by herself love this little girl unconditionally so smart charismatic I can go on but I won't that's just grandmother's bragging rights okay beautiful I can't stop love you 😘

  2. I love food just as much as you Lennox! I hope you enjoyed your 6th b-day


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