Back to Learning Baskets


I'm not a regular mom I'm an Insta mom! 

A few years back I ran into a post about D.I.Y. holiday baskets on Instagram and I was instantly hooked. You simply grab a basket fill it with themed goodies for your children and present it to them. As a mom who loves doing things to make childhood a little more magical I thought these baskets were the prefect tradition to add to our family. Now we create them for different holidays, seasons, and even back to school!

With the new school year quickly approaching back to learning baskets were the perfect way to kick off the new year. During these uncertain days of difficult decisions being made regarding back to school a little joy was definitely needed. 

My children and I found our pocket of joy in these fun back to learning baskets. Filled with everything from cute hair clips to fun supplies each child was excited to dig into their Back To Learning Baskets.

Below I'll share 9 things you can put in your back to learning basket.

1. School Supplies

2. School Related Books

3. Pajamas 

4. A New Lunch Box

5. A New Back Pack

6. First Day of School t-shirt

7. Wooden Numbers

8. Wooden Letters

9. Water Bottle

If you're interested in what we have in our baskets click the links below.

1. Baskets target

2. Lunch Trays target

3. Alphabet T-shirt

4. Dolls

5. Pixie Bricks

6. Hair Clips candyclips

7.Graditutde Journals

8. Headphones with mics

9. Our Class is a Family book

10. New Kid book

11. Name Tags chalkdesignsbyme

12. Kids Smart Watch myticktalk


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