Continuing Back To School Supply Shopping Traditions with OOLY

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School supply shopping is an important back to school tradition in our household. Not only is it a necessary step for going back but it helps get the kids excited about the new school year. After a carefree summer the thought of going back to school can be a drag. I found years ago that a fun day of school supply shopping helps make the transition exciting! The kids love to grab their own class list and pick out supplies that fit their personalities along with their classroom family needs.

Like most other things, shopping will look different this school year, but the tradition must live on. The youngest of the tribe will be starting kindergarten and there is no way we could just end things now. She has been patiently waiting her whole life to pick out her every own school supplies. Ok maybe she hasn’t been waiting her entire life, but she sure has been waiting a long time. Last year she attended PreK but that was nothing like the real deal big kid back to school shopping she’s been watching her siblings do every year. No more hush supplies so she won’t feel left out. No way, this year she’s going to be able to get the works crayons, markers, pencils and all. 

Our household has been thriving off online shopping for our needs during these last few months and back to school shopping was no different. Thanks to our friends over at OOLY we were able to shop online for some of the most fun supplies I’ve ever seen. OOLY is all about creating products that help people of all ages express themselves and explore their imaginations all with a smile on their face. I mean really what better mission to support while getting ready for back to school? The website itself is even inviting and fun. My soon to be fifth grader and kindergartener couldn’t help but smile as we browsed the site.

On OOLY.COM you can find everything from school supplies to art and D.I.Ys. This is why when I was thinking of ways to keep the tradition alive and make this experience as fun as possible OOLY automatically came to mind. I knew my little girl would absolutely love their super fun colors and themes. I also knew how easy back to school shopping would be for me. They offer a few homework packs which includes a bundle of items, it’s like a one stop homework shop. My daughter still gets the experience of choosing which theme she wants while I get a stress-free online shopping option. We both win!

The girls ended up choosing the Rainbow & Glitter homework pack

The pack includes:

Jumbo Juicy Highlighters - 6 chunky fruit scented highlighters

Note Pals Sticky Tabs - Colorful pencil themed mini sticky notes

Stay Sharp Pencils - 6 colorful barrels, no. 2 graphite always sharp pencils

Jumbo Rainbow Scented Eraser - Large in rainbow colors & scented for easy erasing

Unmistakeables Colored Pencils - 12 colored pencils that are erasable

Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers - 10 classic shimmer & 5 pastel shimmer colors

Color Write Pocket Pal Mini Journals - 8 Stitch-bound, 32 page lined 3.5 x 5 notebooks

Bonus 1: Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens -12 colors of shimmery fruit scented            gel pens

Bonus 2: Rainbow Glitter Wand - Large Glitter barrel black ballpoint pen

Bonus 3: Heart To Heart Stacking Crayons - 12 colorful hearts with crayons

Bonus 4: Free Shipping

Perfect for elementary students and up

If you’re not into kits no worries, there is plenty of other options to choose from. What does back to school shopping look like for you and your family? Will you be shopping online or in stores? Share your experiences with us below. 


  1. Even tho we’re going to be home I want to create a space for them to learn with minimal distractions and all the supplies they would need to complete any learning task


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