Tween Amazon Gift Guide

It is July which means it is officially my oldest daughter’s birthday month. This year is a special one. She will be turning 10 years old. In honor of the big move into double digits I’ll be sharing TEN gift ideas, all perfect for the tween in your life. As we count down the days until her actual birthday I just sit back and think WOW. Just when I was feeling as though I had this thing called motherhood down, we began to enter a new phase in life. The tween years can be touch, you are not quite a little girl, but you aren't a teenager either. In a world of puberty, periods, and peer pressure I am happy to say I have found one thing to be easy. Shopping. Oddly enough I found this stage to be the easiest to shop for and with everything right on Amazon this one stop online shopping spree was made even easier. Below I’ll share a list of 10 items inspired by my own tween daughter birthday wish list.  

This gift speaks for itself. The scrunchie has made a major come back. Even if you don't have a little VSCO girl running around your home watching your straw usage like a hawk most young girls still love to collect them. 

LED strip lights can be a dope room accessory. The cool color changing lights are a vibe and right on trend.

A two for one mommy and daughter keepsakes, this journal will be for the both of you. Together the two of you can share hopes, dreams, and secrets back and forth. It's a perfect way to bond.

Whether you have a little artist on your hands, like me, or not. Learning to draw can be fun for anyone and learning to draw cute stuff is even better!

Making rubber band bracelets is something my daughter and all her friends love to do. With a kit like this one, not only do you get everything you need and so much more, but it also comes with a place to store it all.

You can't go wrong with any writing, coloring, or painting utensils but make them mini and you have a winning combination. We love the Yoobi brand. They have great quality products and they are a company that works to make a difference in the world.   

7. Crocs

Affordable, comfortable, and easy to wear this is a trend I can get behind. Crocs are all the craze these days. They come in a bunch of different  colors and you can even add charms to show off your own unique style. 

If you're looking for a gift to spark creativity this one is it. This kit comes with everything you need. From the rocks, to the paint, paint brushes, and even sticks, glitter, and gems.

If you have a comic book loving kid who also loves to draw this one is for you. Your child can let their imagination fun wild as they fill the empty pages with their very own comic book story. 

10. Caboodles

While my daughter hasn't reached the makeup stage, she is a chap stick connoisseur and these caboodles are perfect for storing them. Caboodles are perfect to store all your child's trinkets from hair bows to friendship bracelets.