Movie Night Snack Board

My daughter just celebrated her 10th birthday, social distant style. The only thing she really wanted to do was have a family movie night, anime edition. Click here to check out her birthday interview and you’ll see just how deep her love for anime runs. As I thought of all the ways to make this night a little more special than our normal family movie night, a snack board came to mind. Movie night snack boards are the perfect way to bring all your family’s favorite snacks together in a fun way! Since it was my daughter’s birthday I had her write a list of all her favorite snacks to use to create the snack board. Luckily for her brother and sister they all enjoy the same snacks.


I’ll share all the yummy things my daughter requested for her snack board but please feel free to switch it up by adding snacks your family enjoy most. The key to creating a movie night snack board is to mix textures, crunchy and chewy, and flavors, salty and sweet, to give a good balance and variety that everyone can enjoy.

  • Salty- Doritos
  • Sweet- Smores Dip and Chocolate Chip Cookies 
  • Chewy- Gummy Bears
  • Crunchie- Cheez-It
  • Spicy- Flaming Hot Cheetos 


Start by finding a large serving tray or platter. Since it was my daughter’s birthday, I decided to use our fun Sun Squad round serving tray from Target. Add a few small bowls to start and fill with goodies. We used one bowl in the center for our ‘smores dip and another small bowl to hold the gummies. From there simply filled in the space around the bowl, grouping sections of treats together for easy snacking. 

Do your family enjoy a good ol’ family movie night? My children's love for movie night started with a Friday night tradition created by their grandmother. How do you make it memorable? Feel free to share below.