A Melanin Mom's Quarantine Boss Up Story: Lil Patty Cakes, LLC

The Rona, Covid-19, Coronavirus, Quarantine, whatever name you have for the current time we are living in, it has definitely been a time of reflection and call of action for me. My quarantine boss up story starts long before this pandemic. Long before what is now my baby, Lil Patty Cakes, LLC. A company started a short two months ago. When I think about my Quarantine Boss up story, it brings me back to my early childhood. From my late grandmother Girlene teaching me how to cook my first fried bologna sandwich on her gas stove. My mom Wandolyn trusting me to cook for her, my brother, and sister as a preteen. And my grandmother Ruby Lee bringing me into the family’s restaurant Denmark’s as a teenage waitress and learning how to make and perfect salmon croquettes and running a business. Even adopting the shape of my salmon croquettes from her. I now use the similar concept to make my crab cakes as far as crafting them are concerned.  

Lil Patty Cakes, LLC was created March 14, 2020 before a name was given. I have always had a passion and love for cooking. I often post my meals to Facebook. People always ask for a plate and tell me how wonderful my food looks. One evening I made a plate full of crab cakes and posted to Facebook as if I were going to sell them.  Funny how a small laugh for me, turned into people asking to purchase them. This little joke a week later turned into a full small business. I was on the phone with one of my best friends and blurted out to her that I was going to sell crab cake sandwiches. She told me to do it. Over the week leading up to March 14th, I made countless trips to several different Walmart stores to collect everything I would for the weekend. I made a menu, posted it to Facebook, Instagram, and sent out personal text messages. I sold out 3 weeks straight! Business is steady and has pushed me to realize my calling and seeking to get a food truck for my business. I receive great feedback from my customers. Many of which whom return week after week. It’s heartwarming, yet unbelievable feeling.

I do limited orders during the week after work. Whether it’s for pick up or delivery. Orders during the week are fulfilled after 4:30 pm. Orders are to be placed no later than 12pm same day. I have a weekend menu which consists of single crab cakes, crab sandwiches, regular and sweet potato fries, sweet potato junk fries (dessert), and shrimp. I have a special homemade sauce I have named Patty Sauce. It comes in original and spicy. Along with a small helping of my sweet homemade coleslaw. 
Being under quarantine activated the reset button that I needed. Being under quarantine taught me that I have more passion, hustle, and commitment in me than I thought. Lil Patty Cakes has been born and vision that I am compelled to stick with and see through.  
You can find my business pages on Facebook at Lil Patty Cakes, LLC and Instagram Lil Patty Cakes LLC. My personal page on Instagram is Quiana.Lashay