This Is 11! Celebrating Kingston's 11th Birthday at Dave & Buster's

King's birthday was February 2nd but like I've mentioned before the shortest month of the year is the busiest for my family so I'm just getting around to posting about his special day. 

My oh my how time flies. It feels like yesterday I gave birth to my first child and now he is 11 years old. While birthday parties are always a blast we try to save them for milestone birthdays, but we always celebrate in some form. So this year Kingston wanted to in his words "have some fun at my favorite restaurant" Dave & Buster's. His first request was indoor sky diving but I convinced him to hold out on that one. I may or may not be a lot of bit terrified. No worries I'll be facing my fears soon just for him. 

Our decision to hold off ended up working out for the best because he had a few cousins spontaneously come into town to celebrate with him. They are all older and his sisters are younger so Dave & Buster's was the perfect place to bring everyone of all ages together. Even grandma got to come, even though she was plotting on ways to go with him indoor sky diving without actually sky diving. Dave & Buster's has always been a favorite of Kingston's. I mean who can blame him. What eleven-year-old boy, whose two favorite things include food and gaming wouldn't want to go?  It's the perfect combination. I feel like I mention this all the time but for those of you who are new Kingston is autistic. This played a huge factor in my hesitation in introducing him to this place in the beginning. 
Just the thought of it seems like an overwhelming bundle of over stimulation and panic attack all mixed it one. The loud noises, the crowded atmosphere the blinking lights all seem like an obvious NO. However, when Kingston first laid eyes on the commercial he knew he wanted to experience the fun. 

Being a mom I had to practice what I preach. I am always telling him and everyone around him not to define him or limit him due to autism so off to Dave & Buster's we went. To my surprise, he handled it like a boss. He stayed close and held onto me for comfort, covered his ears to muffle the sounds and took it all in. That was years ago now he's a Dave & Buster's pro. 

Dressed in his birthday outfit he picked out himself, yes yes Kingston actually went to the store and picked out an entire outfit he wanted to wear, he was ready to celebrate. 

*He ate yummy food
* Played some of his favorite games
* Ate cake from his favorite bakery (PUBLIX) 😂  
* Received amazing gifts 
*And most importantly he was showered with love from our amazing family 


  1. can't believe my oldest is 11 omg!

  2. We're always out of town and I'm sorry I had to miss this one, even missed my out of town nieces!! Glad he had a great Dave & Buster's!!

  3. Taylor really loves Dave & Busters as Well. It’s pretty cool 😎

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