Da Bratt Pack Top Three Favorite Christmas Gifts

Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday so now that I'm a mom I truly enjoy making it magical for the kids. We don't really have a number of gifts each kid gets or a set budget to be completely honest. My mom likes to be sure the kids have an even number of gifts while I focus on simply getting them what they REALLY want. The reason why I put emphasis on really is that during the holidays' my kids can get distracted by the repeated commercials they see every day. I find them asking for things that I know they won't even look at within a week. 

To avoid this I pay close attention to what they are interested in all year long (even though this came change at any moment) and what I find they want/ need throughout the year. I also ask them to write their Christmas list a few months ahead of time. So far this has worked out amazingly for us. They always seem to get what they want and we as parents don't feel like we have wasted our money. 

Below I will be sharing each of our children's top gift this year.

While Kingston had fewer gifts he actually got everything he asked for this year. The number one gift on his list is, of course, his Nintendo Switch. I kind of wished we would have let him open that one last because his poor Mario remote control cart hasn't even been taken out of the box yet. 😂

For Aya, who loves to be active, the Aero scooter with matching helmet she received from Flybar has been her go-to gift. Lightweight and easy to handle she loves that she can pull it out the garage all by herself and zoom off without having to wait for me or dad to help. 

Grandma gifted Lennox a carriage power wheel equipped with a horse and all. The excitement on her face when she laid eyes on that one was priceless. She can now keep up with the big kids effortlessly as she cruises down the street in her horse lead carriage.  

Aya wanted me to be sure to add that they love all of their gifts and are all very thankful but these are just their top TOP favorite gifts. 

while this post is sponsored by flybar all options are my own.