On The First Day Of BLOGMAS...

Wow, it is officially the first day of December, cue the Christmas music! As the year comes to an end I'll be celebrating my very first year of blogging by participating in BLOGMAS! 🎄 What's blogmas you ask? Well, blogmas is sort of a countdown to Christmas. It is where you would post holiday or Christmas themed post until Christmas day. While most of my post will be geared towards the holidays my goal is to simply post every day until Christmas even if I veer a little off the holiday topic every now and then. 

Ok, so now it's confession time. I am the absolute worst at staying consistent when it comes to blogging I won't lie. Sometimes I just do not have anything I want to blog about while other times life gets busy. I am a stay at home mom of three. I'm hoping that by committing to blogmas it will help kick me into gear. I have a goal and I will reach it! I had to add that in there I'm trying to convince myself I can do this. 😂  

Luckily for me, I have a few good friends that I know will keep me on track. If you have a blog and plan on participating in blogmas let me know down below and I'll check it out. If you've participated in blogmas before and have a few good tips leave those below in the comments as well. I can use all the help I can get. I'm actually pretty excited about this! I look forward to sharing with you all and I look forward to seeing all of you guys post as well! GOOD LUCK & HAPPY HOLIDAYS 🎁  

Oh yeah, be on the look out for my list of 25 blogmas post ideas coming soon.....


  1. Love this time of year It's official Christmas although I started in October lol great gift ideas Incredibundles & yes I'm planning on participating in 25 Blogmas yeah!lol


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