Non-Toy Holiday Gift Guide

A few years ago I tried to enforce a no toy gift rule, key word there tried. While I thought it was an amazing idea my love ones however would not or could not jump on the bandwagon. I like to believe their lack of following the rule was due to the fact that they wanted to provide my children with joy when gifting them and what kids don't like toys right? I also like to believe that toys were the first things that came to mind when thinking of buying a gift for a child. With that being said today I will be sharing 10 non-toy gift ideas to help not only my family with gift giving but anyone out there that's looking for inspiration.

1. Memberships- The gift that keeps giving all year long a membership to a local zoo or museum will not only provide a child with loads of fun all year long but they can also be super helpful for parents as well. We love our membership to Cummer Museum, being able to visit whenever we want has seriously come in handy 

2. Headphone- If your house is anything like mine there are electronics everywhere and the ever so catchy tunes of baby shark is slowly driving you insane. This Glowing LED Cat Ear Headset is not only adorable but useful as well. They can even be used for school!

3. Clothes- Yet another gift that parents can benefit from as well. Clothes don't have to be a boring gift. If you want to see that same joy on a child's face that you see when they receive a toy they've asked for find out the children's favorite brand or character. My son isn't as big on fashion as my daughter but get him a Fortnite tee or Mario sweater and he is all smiles. Gift my girls something bright and fun like the pieces from LittleMissMatched  and it's a fashion show.

4. Nightlight- when you gift a nightlight as cool as the Tulio Dream Light from you will definitely brighten up a little ones day or should I say night? With features like a dimmer function, the ability to change colors and a sleep button that turns it off when your little one falls asleep you can't go wrong

5. Shades- who says kids don't like to accessories? I know mine does and living in the sunshine state not only are shades fashionable but necessary as well.  provide trendy shades for both girls and boys. 

6. Books- Give the gift of literacy! Want to make things a little more special for the holidays how about a custom Christmas book like this one from Your child would be super excited to read their name in their book all about them!

7. Backpack- Backpacks aren't only for school. This super dope shiny black star backpack from Gabby Box is a great stylish yet functional gift

8. A Class- my cousin told me that her in-laws had gifted her sons swim lessons for Christmas one year and I thought that was such a great idea! 

9. Shoes- I mean you really can't go wrong with a pair of shoes and the award-winning has everyone from the baby to the big kid covered. 

10. Jewelry- Growing up we always got nice jewelry for Christmas and while I understand if people don't really want to buy their little one's jewelry I personally think it's nice to pull out special pieces for holidays or special outings. I'm currently obsessing over the dainty children's jewelry from Gifting a nice custom piece can be something special.

I hope this guide helps to inspire you when shopping for the holidays this year. If you have any more ideas you would like to share...feel free to share them in the comments. Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 🎁


  1. i love the idea of getting children non toy holiday gifts


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