Balancing Time During The Holidays For Working Moms

One of my favorite things about being a mom blogger is connecting with other moms from all over. Whether a stay at home mom like myself, or a working mom, girl mom, or boy mom, we all have one thing in common, motherhood. With that being said I am extremely thankful for my mom friends and super excited to introduce you guys to fellow dope mom Allison Thompson.

I’m a working training. I’m Jamaican born and mostly breed wife and boy mom of 1 who recently transitioned from being a SAHM to now a working one. My family and I have entered the Vlog world, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel: A Tribe Called Thompson for a weekly peek into our shenanigans and follow us on Instagram @atribecalledthompson.

Raise your hand if your Christmas to-do list is longer than Santa’s list…. Ok, well maybe not Santa’s but you get the point. It’s that time of the year where moms go bat crazy trying to create that perfect Christmas for their kids; from the perfectly decorated tree to that overly orchestrated family photo session; that winter wonderland Christmas display and not to mention all the Christmas activities that need to all happen before December 25th. Whew, I’m already exhausted just from thinking about it.

But wait, for some of us we have to fit in that 9 to 5 J-O-B (because hey it takes a paycheck or 2 to get all these things done, and life does continue after December 25th). So how can we give our kids that perfect Christmas and keep focused on our professional life?

Well, the first and most important thing I’ll share and this one is the $100 million advice I can give you……. THROW OUT THAT IDEA OF A PERFECT CHRISTMAS. I know, I know I’m crazy for even suggesting that but let’s be honest, do our kids care if the tree is perfectly decorated (NO!) and most times don’t we have to bribe our kids and husbands to even take those family photos (YUP!). I’ve learned from transitioning from being a SAHM to now a working mom that some things are just going to fall through the cracks and it won’t make for a bad Christmas (it really is all in our heads yeah for our kids it was the best Christmas ever).

So leaning on this my next advice is to make a PRIORITY LIST and share it with your family so that everyone is on the same page. That way you won’t have to sacrifice on those important family times and focus on creating memories (and isn’t that what Christmas is about).

Finally, my next tip is to start planning for the Christmas season as early as January. Yes, it’s a bit extreme but trust me this will not only help to limit the stress but you can save so much money if you already decided on what your theme/color will be so that you can purchase those Christmas items after the season comes to a close.

In closing, remember it will still be a perfect Christmas even if you didn’t do the professional family photos or your house doesn’t look like a Pinterest post because all that matters is that you made the time to be with family (and if your kid is like mine that’s all that matters).

Happy Holidays from the Lioness of A Tribe Called Thompson.

 - Allison Thompson


  1. I'm a stay at home mom and I can still relate! I even use some of these same ways to balance my time during the holidays

  2. Such a great collab post! I’m back to work but balance is such an important component to life and especially during the holidays !

  3. I love the idea of planning early... I’m a working mom and I always start planning for the holidays way too late, in my opinion. I’ll do better on 2019 😆 ( hopefully)

  4. Christmas has so many "traditions" that are basically more work for mom, like elf on the shelf. No thanks! The most important part is spending time with your family, especially for us working moms.


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