7 Simples Ways To Make Your Home Festive For The Holidays

As I've gotten older I've been hearing more and more that is just doesn't feel like Christmas anymore. I know our move further south and the lack of snow has played a factor in this feeling. I also remember when I was growing up you couldn't turn the radio on without Christmas music being played on every station all season long. Now we have to make a play list just to hear some of favorite tunes. I personally haven't felt this feeling yet. From the music I listen to to the clothes I wear I stay in the holiday spirit. If you are trying to make your home feel more festive during the holidays check out my list below... 

1. Countdown to the Holidays- buy or even d.i.y a calendar to count down the days to Christmas. It's a fun way to get everyone excited about the approaching holiday.

2. Fill Your Home With Holiday Scents- holiday candles are always a great way to fill your home with those oh so familiar scents that just smell like Christmas. You can also use fresh spices like cinnamon sticks, or make bags of nutmeg and cloves and such.

3. Play Holiday Music- Everyone loves music and it's one of the simplest ways to make your home feel like the holidays

4. Holiday Table scape- create a holiday table setting for your dinning room table. No matter your budget you can find ways to set the table in a way that screams Christmas!

5. Display gifts- wrap some of the gifts you make have for family and friends and place them under the Christmas tree. The anticipation the open gifts makes everything a little more exciting

6. Change Your Bedding- You can go all out by changing your entire bedding to a Christmas theme or you can simply add a few Chirtmas throw pillows in the mix to make the bedding you already have more festive.

7. Bake- everyone loves to eat and cooking as a family is always fun so you can't go wrong with baking some of your favorite holiday treats!