The Great Adventures Of Da Bratt Pack: Augusta Savage: Renaissance Woman at the Cummer Museum

When school's out we take full advantage of our extra day and hit the streets running. You can always find us #intheseduvalstreets taking in all our city has to offer. This past Friday Da Bratt pack was out of school due to a weather day so we went to visit one of our favorite spot, the Cummer Museum

Lennox made a new little friend and together they braved the beautiful gardens, took over Art Connections, and lived their most sophisticated toddler life spending the day at the museum. L.O.L No, but seriously we did our usual routine when visiting the museum. We always start out looking at the art, taking time to talk about each of their favorite exhibits. Then we make a pit stop to grab some create crates, find us a spot and take a few moments to get creative. By then they are ready to get some wiggles out so it's to the gardens we go! There Aya loves to work on her cartwheels, Lennox likes to check out the river, and King wonders freely through each area taking it all in. We almost always end the day in Art Connections. They get to be creative, dance a little and just be kids.

This visit was an extra special one we got to visit the Augusta Savage exhibit. The exhibition features about 80 pieces of art. You can find everything from sculptures to paintings and even works on paper. Who is Augusta Savage you ask? She was a gifted sculpture born in Green Cove Springs in 1892. She created work that uplifted the images of black culture in mainstream America. At a time where our children were portrayed as dirty and wild in the mainstream, she showed their magic, and so much more. As we scrolled through we got to not only see the artistic impact she made but the social and historical impacts as well. If you have been following my motherhood journey through this blog or my Instagram then you already know I am passionate about representation, it matters. Being able to see the work of a black woman artist and to read about all she accomplished is a powerful thing. You can read all about Augusta Savage here on Cummer Museum website. 

If you haven't already I strongly suggest visiting this exhibition. The Augusta Savage: Renaissance Woman will be at the Cummer Museum until April 7, 2019, don't miss out.


  1. Hey mamas do you like to visit your local museum with your littles?

  2. What a fun trip! It looks like they really enjoyed it.


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