That Dope Mom Guide To Encouraging Individuality With Little Miss Matched

Have you guys ever heard of Little Miss Matched? If not I highly suggest checking them out! They are a girls lifestyle brand that inspires girls to "BE BOLD and to HAVE FUN all while being themselves!" 

At first sight, I thought to my self, now this brand screams Aya! She loves to express herself through clothes and this is something I noticed at a young age. Mismatching patterns, bright bold colors, yup this was definitely right up her alley. Aya is the kind of kid that owns the costume of her favorite characters, not the dolls. No costume no worries she will create the look with whatever she has in her room at the time. I mean I guess its fitting that she's been saying she wants to be a fashion designer since pre-k. For a while, I would say Aya those socks don't match, that shirt doesn't go, try a different jacket and her response would always be but I like it. Then one day she just straight up asked, "If I like it why can't I wear it?" and I really didn't have a response. It was a well put together outfit it just wasn't what I wanted her to wear. I've always told her to be her, to not follow trends but set them. I've always promoted the importance individuality with my words but my action spoke differently. Now don't get me wrong as a mom I have to step in at times, we not wearing flip-flops in the snow and hoodies in 90-degree weather, I'm not trying to have sick babies, but if the outfit is appropriate then why not let her do her thing? Some days she only wanted to wear tutu dresses, some days she wanted to wear all black and on other days miss matched socks, and that's completely OK. 

As I learned more about Little Miss Matched I realized while Aya loved the look I loved what they stood for. I'm all about a brand that uplifts our youth and encourages our girls to be confident in who they are. As a mom, it's amazing to see my little girls embracing their individual styles and having fun while doing it. Little Miss Matched core value is all about celebrating the uniqueness of girls everywhere and that makes me not only excited but proud to stand behind them. I'm always looking for a teachable moment with my littles, even when shopping. With all that being said they have the cutest items ever. Everything from fun jewelry to bedding! My girls love their mismatched socks, ombre leggings, fun backpacks, even their little journals. Feel free to browse their Instagram here for fun inspirational looks and check out their website here to shop! Oh, and the holidays are quickly approaching you can't go wrong with a gift from Little Miss Matched   


The Great Adventures of Da Bratt Pack: WE RISE FESTIVAL

"Hey young world....the world is yours
Hey young world....the world is yours
Young world young world...the world is yours
young wo-ah-huh-huh-huh-urld" - Slick Rick
This past weekend we had the opportunity to attend the We Rise Fest. Like all of the other events put together by our dear friend Nico (nicosuavalicious) it was super dope. What's We Rise you ask? We Rise is a pro-peace art and music festival that was birth as a response to ongoing violence in our city. 

There is something about bringing everyone together and feeling like you are apart of a community that just feels good to the soul. As I walked around with my husband and two small daughters in tow a sense of pride fell over me. I was proud of all the small shops coming together giving us those local, original, one of a kind goods that teaches people to buy local and put their hard earned money back into our community to help build it up. I was proud of the young men and woman using their words and voices to make us think, uplift our spirits and put us in a groove.

 Let's not forget the young talented hands that created masterpieces that spoke to EVERYONE both young and old. I mean these kids, young adults, grown ass people were just so talented you couldn't help but feel inspired. There was something there for everyone, I'm talking crazy talented photographers, jewelry makers, poets, muralist, painters, singers, the list goes on and on. Just think all of this happening right here in my city, all this talent right here in my city. I mean how could I not feel proud?

I want to say a special thank you to everyone involved It was really a beautiful thing and I'm glad I got the opportunity to witness it. I'm glad my kids had to the opportunity to be there as well. I hope this event showed our youth that we care, we are listening, and there are so many more positive things you can be doing with your time. As a mother raising little creative souls I hope that attending an event like this show them that they have the power to change the world!

If you are interested in learning more about this festival check out their Instagram WERISEFEST.  


I left with a dope necklace from
Aya left with a beautiful piece of art from Iona Johnson Instagram handle kkoch.deul




Ok, so I just realized today all three of my children celebrate their birthday in different seasons. My oldest is a winter baby like his mom, my middle child birthday is during the summer, and the baby of the family was born in the fall. How lucky are we? With the youngest of the tribe birthday coming up fast I thought it would be fun to share some fall birthday celebration ideas with you all. Whether you're throwing a traditional birthday party or heading out for a day of fun fall can be one of the best seasons to celebrate a child's birthday. The weather is nice, there are already a few holidays lined up, which means there will be tons to do around the city, and the stores are full of fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving decorations so finding decor is a breeze. Here is a list of five fun fall birthday festivities. 

1. Throw a costume party! With Halloween right around the corner stores are stocked full of costumes at all price points or pull out old costumes from previous years for your little party guest to try on.

2. A family fun day at the farm. It's fall which means lots of farms are geared up for pumpkin season. From hayrides to bounce houses and even petting zoos, your local farm can make for the perfect birthday celebration. Oh, and did I mention the adorable photo opts EVERYWHERE!?

3. Fall festivals. What is more festive than a festival? Everything your child needs to celebrate all in one spot. There are yummy treats, fun rides, and ends fun to keep a smile on your birthday girl/boy face.

4. Go camping. Trade in the traditional sleepover for a camping trip! Here in Florida, it gets extremely hot in the summer, too hot for camping. Well, for us at lease, it's too hot to camp. With cooler mornings and nights and fairly warm evenings, the fall season seems like the perfect time to get in a good ol' camping trip.

5. Go apple picking. It's officially Fall which means apples are ready for picking. After a fun day of picking apples head inside to create some yummy apple desserts together. Who says you only have to have cake on your birthday?

With my children being different ages I find that not only does the birthday girl have the time of her life but the others have just as much fun celebrating with the toddler. We make some of the best memories as a family, and even find a few fall traditions forming outside of her birthday. This year I'm leaning towards a festival or day at a local farm to celebrate the youngest of the tribe. We have about a week left to pull it together but this last minute mama isn't worried one bit, whatever we decide to do our Little Miss Lennox will be happy as long as we all sing to her. That is her only request this year 😂