That Dope Mom Guide To Transitioning Your Kids Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

Here in the sunshine state, we do not have the luxury of experiencing the beauty of SEASONS! There is pretty much Summer, Summer, a quick Fallish/Winter moment, then back to Summer. For this reason, that good old tradition of season shopping I grew up with does not exist for my little ones. We spend most of our year in warmer or downright HOT weather so the majority of their wardrobe consists of summer clothes. Now with all that being said, we are in North Florida which means it does get cold! Come late October early November we may need a light jacket in the mornings and at night. 

Whether you're a mom on a budget or you live in a place that doesn't allow you to enjoy the joys of seasons like me here are 5 tips on how to transition from summer to fall.

1. Layer up! Your sons favorite summer tank can easily be worn in cooler weather by simply throwing a long sleeve button up over it.

2. If your daughter is anything like mine summer dresses are their jam. Put a simple tee underneath that summer dress and BOOM a fall jumper for the win.

3. Trade in those cute sandals for a pair of fly boots! By adding boots to any look it will automatically give it more of a fall vibe.

4.While bright colors are always fun for the summer throw in some fall colors (burgundy, mustard, olive greens ) shorts and short sleeve shirts while shopping so if the weather is warm they can still give off fall feels. 

5. Layering leggings or tights under shorts, skirts, and dresses are always an affordable and equally adorable option. 

I hope this quick list of 5 ways to transition your little one's wardrobe from summer to fall helps. If you have any tips don't hold out on me share them down below! Us moms have to stick together through any kind of weather. See what I did there?... from summer to fall post...ok ok I'm done. 😂 Leave those tips in the comment section below. 


  1. this is what the Fall season in Florida look like 😂

  2. Yasss! Love transitioning my summer stuff for fall...shoot I spend money on it, you gon see it year round! lol

  3. So right.....Florida has two seasons, so many heavy clothes are not needed unless you travel to colder states to enjoy the winter weather. Our families love to hit the mountains in the spring and winter.

    1. now this is true probably the only reason we do winter shopping lol

  4. Transitioning to fall wear is my fav! I am definitely a layer it up kinda gal! I can’t wait to find cute little cardigans for my little guy

  5. Great tips for kids' wardrobes and for mine! I'm always looking for ideas to make every piece in my closet work for every temperature.


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