That Dope Mom Guide To Transitioning Your Kids Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

Here in the sunshine state, we do not have the luxury of experiencing the beauty of SEASONS! There is pretty much Summer, Summer, a quick Fallish/Winter moment, then back to Summer. For this reason, that good old tradition of season shopping I grew up with does not exist for my little ones. We spend most of our year in warmer or downright HOT weather so the majority of their wardrobe consists of summer clothes. Now with all that being said, we are in North Florida which means it does get cold! Come late October early November we may need a light jacket in the mornings and at night. 

Whether you're a mom on a budget or you live in a place that doesn't allow you to enjoy the joys of seasons like me here are 5 tips on how to transition from summer to fall.

1. Layer up! Your sons favorite summer tank can easily be worn in cooler weather by simply throwing a long sleeve button up over it.

2. If your daughter is anything like mine summer dresses are their jam. Put a simple tee underneath that summer dress and BOOM a fall jumper for the win.

3. Trade in those cute sandals for a pair of fly boots! By adding boots to any look it will automatically give it more of a fall vibe.

4.While bright colors are always fun for the summer throw in some fall colors (burgundy, mustard, olive greens ) shorts and short sleeve shirts while shopping so if the weather is warm they can still give off fall feels. 

5. Layering leggings or tights under shorts, skirts, and dresses are always an affordable and equally adorable option. 

I hope this quick list of 5 ways to transition your little one's wardrobe from summer to fall helps. If you have any tips don't hold out on me share them down below! Us moms have to stick together through any kind of weather. See what I did there?... from summer to fall post...ok ok I'm done. 😂 Leave those tips in the comment section below. 

Why We Added Positive Affirmations To Our Children's Daily Routine

"I know I can (I know I can)
Be what I wanna be (be what I wanna be)
If I work hard at it (If I work hard at it)
I'll be where I wanna be (I'll be where I wanna be)" - NAS

Are daily affirmations apart of your families routine? For a long time, they were not apart of ours. It all started with homework. I'm not sure the exact moment it happened but one day I began noticing my daughter becoming less confident in her school work. Whenever we would go over homework she would either not answer at all or whisper the answer. This was extremely confusing to me. She doesn't really struggle academically and if there is something she doesn't know she catches on pretty quickly. No to mention just about all the answers she would whisper would be correct answers. After many talks and me telling her how smart and capable she was it was clear that she needed to rebuild confidence in herself. This is where our morning routine of daily affirmations was born. We could all use a boost of self-love before starting our day.   

As parents it's important for our children to hear from us how special they are, how loved they are, how smart they are and how much we support them but it is equally important for our children to create this within themselves. I believe it builds confidence, self-love, and acceptance. Children's brains are developing and learning behaviors and habits so by starting them off young their brains are wiring this positive self-belief system. Affirmations can be a powerful thing. Our parents can tell us how exceptional we are all day but we need to believe this for ourselves in order to build real confidence and self-love. 

Raising little black children in today's world it is even more important for them to know themselves, who they are and what they stand for. For them to be confident in themselves no matter what others may think of them. I don't want my son to feel like he has to cut his hair to be successful, or my daughters to think they can't speak up for themselves without becoming a negative stereotype. Not to mention they are being raised in this social media era were followers and likes are often misinterpreted as love and success. I don't want my littles to grow up needing that type of validation from anyone, not even me. 

Thanks to a few black own companies like Soulseed LLC and  We Are Karasi you can have amazing affirmations at your figure tips. We love our mommy and me affirmation cards from Karasi. They were created by visual artist and doula Angelica Marie, who is all about empowering and uplifting womxn of color. 

When I met Akim at a local event I was extremely excited to learn all about her brand Soulseed LLC, which is all about promoting black excellence by any means necessary. Raising a little black boy I was drawn to the fact that she provided affirmations for little kings as well. With her creatively designed created cards, your littles get to actually look at their reflections while repeating their affirmations, dope right? 

I can honestly say since adding positive affirmations to our daily routine I have seen a boost of confidence in all of the children. I pray that as they get older they continue with their daily affirmations and truly believe deep within themselves that they are MAGIC! 

New Mini Mailers from Girls Can Crate!

If you have been following my blog or Instagram then you know how much we love Girls Can Crate. We have been raving about this subscription crate for a while now. For those who don't know Girls Can Crate is a subscription box that celebrates fearless women in history who has helped make the world better. Recently the ladies over at Girls Can Crate launched their new mini mailers and we couldn't be more excited about it! 

Your little ones can get the same inspiration they get from the big Girls Can Crate but in a smaller package. I think these are perfect for back to school. As a mom with two school-age children things can get pretty busy during the school year. Having the option of getting that same inspiration but on a smaller scale is amazing. 

Each mailer comes with:

1. A 16-page activity book with the story of the featured fearless lady of the month along with a bonus activity.

2. 1 hands-on S.T.E.A.M activity (which is Aya's favorite part) 

3. Tips for us moms (or any adult) to help foster that featured fearless lady character traits 

4. And Lennox favorite part A COLLECTIBLE STICKER! 

I am truly a fan of the things the ladies over at Girls Can Crate has going on. Not only does my daughter get to learn about some amazing woman in history, but the selection of women they learn about is so diverse. On top of that, they also get some S.T.E.A.M in as well. These crates and mini mailers are truly a game changer!


10 Dope Mom Must Haves For Fall

Break out the pumpkins, corn maze day trips, and boots it's almost Fall and I for one can not be more excited. I love everything about the Fall season. The family fun activities, the food, the weather, and most importantly the fashion. While I normally do the kids fall shopping first I've decided to put together a list of ten pieces I'm most excited to add to my wardrobe this Fall. Maybe while filling up my online carts with clothes for them I'll check a few things off my list as well. 

1. The Mom Jean- I mean how can the mom jean not be on a moms fall must-have list right?! While my go-to is normally a good pair of high waisted skinny jeans I'm looking forward to switching it up a bit.

2. Bell bottoms- while we are on the denim train I might as well add the second style of jeans I'm into as well. There something about a good pair of denim bell bottom jeans that just steps up any look in my opinion.

3. Nike Tracksuit- talking about comfortably fashionable and versatile. These suits can be dressed down for running errands, and adventures with the kiddos by pairing them with Nike sneakers. Or dressed up by styling differently with accessories and tossing on heels for some adult fun.

4. Gray Sweat Pants- The hubby can finally breath easy I will no longer be lounging in his sweats I'm getting my own pair this year. Ok... I won't lie I'll probably still slip his on but you can't blame me his clothes are just way comfier. Like I mentioned before these too can be dressed up or down. Pair them with a bodysuit and boots to give these comfy classics a feminine twist.

5. Black Biker Boots- My husband likes to call them my Jodeci boots but I love them! They are my two favorite things... comfy and dope.

6. Wide Brim Fedora- there is something about these style hats the scream fall to me. This year I want a red one to add to the collection and spice things up a bit.

7. Nikes Blazer Mid Rebel- I love a good mid/high top sneakers when the weather gets cooler and the color is for giving me all the Fall Feels.

8. Vintage-ish Tees- I say vintage-ish because these Guess tees are giving me vintage vibes but can something I once own really be considered Vintage already? I hope not...i'm way too young to have owned vintage clothes when they were just coming out....or am I officially old now (insert crying face emoji)

9. Olive Jumpsuit- Jumpsuits are always a great option for us busy moms on the go an entire look all in one. This jumpsuit from Miss Lola gives me the same vibe as the Nike wind runners and that's probably why I'm so drawn to it.

10. Black & White Plaid Pants- there is something about plaid and Fall that just goes hand and hand and while I love trendy just as much as the next girl classic pieces like these are always a good idea when building a wardrobe.

If you haven't noticed the trend... I'm all about super comfy pieces that are versatile and can be easily transitioned into the next season. This mom doesn't have time to shop for a whole new wardrobe every season. I would if I could trust me, I tried calling my dad to see if back to school shopping was still an option for's not.  

Let Me Know What Your Dope Mom Fall Must Haves Are In The Comments Below & Be On The Look Out To See How I Style These Pieces On My Instagram here


How We Keep A Happy Healthy Hive During Back To School ft Zarbee's Naturals

this post is sponsored by Zarbee's but all thought are my own

YES, it's another back to school post and sticking with the theme of having a healthy happy back to school session I will be sharing all about Zarbee's Naturals. From a cough and cold syrup to soothing saline nasal mist Zarbee's Natural has you covered. They make safe and effective products for the whole family! I've shared on my last post a few ways we like to prepare our little ones for back to school and one big way is a daily immune support gummy and multi-vitamin. Just like we want to prepare them mentally for the new school year we also want to prepare their bodies as well. 

With King's bronchitis and Aya's asthma, a simple cough can lead to a flare-up which then leads to missing valuable days of school or worst. Recently Aya had an overnight stay at the hospital that started with a sore throat and ended with an Asthma attack. She's doing amazingly now and we are happy it's all behind us. For the first time in a long time that small bug, which usually can take over a month to move through the house, skipped dad and I completely and didn't last long with the littles. Less than two weeks total including follow up appointments and they were all back to their healthy happy selves. I like to think those coughless nights (thanks to Zarbee's cough syrup) helped them rest and get well sooner. 

As parents, our goal is to send them off into the world as healthy and happy as possible. Along with good habits like washing our hands and coughing into our elbows to help prevent the passing of germs a daily Zarbee's Natural gummy help give my little ones an extra boost as well. 

Wholesome and effective Zarbee's Naturals uses handpicked natural ingredients whenever possible to keep the whole family healthy. They're also allergen-friendly which is yet another plus for my family because we have a food allergy in the home as well. Oh, and did I mention how yummy the elderberry immune support gummies are? My kids absolutely love them!

Zarbee's Naturals was founded by father and pediatrician Dr. Zak Zarbock. You can read all about their story here Feel free to check out their Instagram as well. 

Have you ever tried Zarbee's Natural? Let me know in the comments!