Snack'n made easy with Lance Sandwich Crackers

Ok so while I love a good Pinterest style snack realistically I just don't have time to cut out cute shapes or come up with snack themes to match whatever book we just read every time one of my kids need something to munch on. Now don't get me wrong if that's your speed LANCE can hook you up with that too. During the school year for my family snacks are meant to be easy, fast, taste good, and be good for you. Whether it's the first thing in the morning or a late night snack Lance has us covered! Here are a few ways we like to enjoy our Lance Snacks.

  • Morning Snack: While my oldest two children are up and eating breakfast before school my youngest, who isn't in school, likes to lay in her bed for a while. She's never been the wake-up and eats something type which can throw our morning school routine off. Most mornings when we are ready to leave she's just now getting in the mood for breakfast. No worries, though because Lance Sandwich Crackers has us covered. She can grab a pack of portable fuel peanut butter crackers and she's ready to go, starting her day off on a good note!
  • Lunchtime Snack: Who says you can only enjoy Lance Sandwich Crackers during "snack time"? Peanut butter anything is my sons all time favorite so I love to add a pack to his lunch. They're quick and easy to toss inside his lunch bag and I'm satisfied knowing he had something wholesome and yummy to eat.

  • After School Snack: Now I don't know about yall but my kids come home from school starving. They want something, quick, and I want something that's good for them. With Lance, made with real peanut butter and goodness baked in, it's easier to make positive snacking decisions. 
  • Late Night Snacks: Theses crackers can even be given as a small treat before bed. Deserts after dinner are always fun I know but I'm not trying to pump my kids full of sugar right before bedtime. This mama looks forward to that end of the day exhale. Plus I can sneak some peanut butter crackers and enjoy a simple little snack all to myself. #momlife 
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 but all thoughts and opinions are my own

Comment down below and share with us which Lance snack you and your family enjoy the most? 


  1. everyone is my family has a different favorite. Lennox like the toast chee with real peanut butter, Aya go to is Captian's Wafers grilled cheese made with real cheese and King prefers the Neko cookies with real peanut butter

  2. I’m a sucker for cracker sandwiches loll I love a snack that can be had anytime of the day like these !

  3. we got ours in the mail last night and have almost ate the whole box ha

  4. Love these snacks.....very good and handy, that is why they've been around for a long time!!

  5. I'm all about convenience and grab and go! Lance crackers a classic and very nostalgic from my childhood. Peanut butter is my favorite!


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