Summertime Backyard Fun ft Picasso Tiles

"Summa Summa Summa Time!
Time to Sit Back And Unwind" - Fresh Prince

Fresh Prince said it best! There is no better time to sit back and unwind than in the summertime. While I'm always down for a good Instagramable outing and taking the family on a Duval adventure some our best memories are created right in our backyard. Not only is it easy access giving us more time to actually enjoy ourselves but IT'S FREE admission for the entire family.
If your kids are anything like mine than bubbles are life. Grab some bubbles, or better yet invest in a bubble machine and sit back and watch the good times roll.

Summer = Heat... all water everything will save the day. Can you say backyard water fight!! From a good old fashion water balloon fight to a dip in a kiddie pool, your backyard can quickly be turned into your kiddos favorite water spot to cool off.


Recently we were gifted this inflatable bounce house from PICASSO TILES and when I say it's probably the best backyard accessory we have so far I am not exaggerating. Da Bratt Pack loves bounce houses. I don't care where we are if there is a bounce house in the place they are there. The line can be wrapped around the building with kids waiting for a chance to jump and they are right there in the middle of it all waiting FOREVER with the rest of them. So needless to say mom's job just got a little bit more interesting when this bad boy showed up. BEST MOM EVER! is what they call me. L.O.L 


One thing I love about all Picasso Tile toys is the fact that everything comes with or in something that it can be easily stored away. Having three kids things get real messy real quick so it's nice when their toys come already organized. The Playhouse itself is 12x10 ft with a slide and basketball rim. It comes with a heavy-duty blower, four sports balls, and a carrying bag (which is great for storing). It's large enough to accommodate three children under a total of 250 lbs, it has a full-size back entry and multiple easily accessible entrances. The mesh netting walls are designed for your little one's safety, and there is a velcro tape cover to provide shade from that summer sun! 

Oh and I can not forget to mention how easy it is to put up. This momma gets short-tempered in the heat, easily aggravated, and I was able to put it up all by myself effortlessly with three very eager children and a hyper super confused puppy on my tail. If that doesn't explain how simple it is to get up I don't know what will. The kids love it and so do I so we are all winning with this one. 

Thank You Picasso Tiles for helping me bring back some good old fashion backyard play! With a twist.  

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  1. how do you like to spend your time outside close to home??

  2. This looks amazing! I would love to have a bounce house in my backyard.

    1. thank you! Fun fact we have been trying to get a trampoline for years but for some reason something always happen we've had to have our money returned multiple times, Walmart lost it one Christmas, just a I am so thankful for this

  3. Omg!! That’s super cool to have your own bouncy castle !! I recently saw a mama on the gram fit it in her living room loll party 24/7 lol

  4. Can't wait to bring my grands over to enjoy the backyard play with their cousins!! They love bubbles, water and family gatherings........Auntie, Kei'shae, Karl, Kevin, Kinsley & Baby Kenneth will be there soon......with food and drinks of course...muahhh!!


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