Wedding Day The Washington Way: VEGAS BABY!

"Like sweet morning dew

 I took one look at you

And it was plain to see
You were my destiny" - Mary J Blige 

What is it called when you plan to elope but the squad shows up? Is it still an elopement or just an intimate wedding? Whatever it is that’s the kind of wedding we had. LOL. 

Having been together for over ten years and bringing three beautiful children into the world we finally tied the knot. May, 26th 2018 I married my best friend and became Mrs. Washington. The weekend in Vegas was fun and a little stressful at the same time but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Like most weddings, there were things that didn’t go quite right. We woke up that morning and realized George forgot to pack his shoes... That was an easy fix we headed to the strip and grabbed a pair in no time. Then there was the limo. The driver had issues with finding out where to pick us up from, which was unnecessary drama because the man that worked there told him exactly where to go. He continued to try to tell us that he wasn’t allowed to come to where we were even though the hotel told him it was fine. When he finally got to us there was an issue with the number of guests that were allowed in the limo. While inconvenient still not a big deal, the fam hopped in their rental cars and taxis and we were off. Our driver ended up going the wrong way and everyone was there before us but it was all good, we got to make a grand entrance LOL. A few photos later we realized George left the marriage license. (insert eye roll here) All I could think was OMG! I just want to marry this man and already! The chapel has a  policy where the driver has to make sure to ask about the wedding license before we left the hotel (because this was something that was so common but with all the pickup drama he forgot.

We were all hungry and a little tired at this point. Most of my family had just arrived after hours of traveling, some working on no sleep. No one complained, everyone kept my spirits up and theirs as well as we laughed and snapped more pictures while George and driver went back to get the license. When they finally returned it was game time.

 My mom signed as a witness and walked me down the aisle. Sidenote for medical reasons my father couldn’t be there but that wasn’t an issue. LOVE YOU POPS! My mom damn near ran me down the aisle, I had to tell her to slow up LOL. She claims she was worried she was going to be walking too slow and hold me up but let's be honest after 11years mama was ready to get me married. HAHA. The ceremony was quick, true to nature we smiled and laughed the whole time. We aren’t sappy people, it’s just not in us. If you read our engagement story (check it out here) you understand. Just Like That, I Was Mrs. Washington! I turned to the family tossed my hands up and called out I’S MARRIED NOW!

The ceremony was followed by a dinner at The House of Blues which was nothing but laughs the entire time! I mean I don’t think I ever laughed so hard in my life. Between my aunt trying to capture these 1980 wedding style photos, and my cousin cracking jokes we could barely hold it together! We were surprised with an actual wedding cake, which I hadn’t even planned for because we were eloping, that was absolutely delicious. They even got us gifts, another thing I didn’t expect because like I mentioned before we were eloping.

I almost forgot to mention how the waiter accidentally told us about our surprise wedding cake that everyone had managed to keep a secret all throughout dinner. Like everything else it wasn't that big of a deal, it was time to cut the cake anyway. There was so much more that went down like the chapel forgetting my bouquet, my Aunt losing her purse and so much more. By the end of the day, we were exhausted. We all ended up just crashing after dinner. 

It's sometimes easy to focus on all the things that went wrong but it's not until I'm actually retelling the story that all those things even come to mind. Whenever I reminisce about our big day I think about all the laughs that were so big they made my stomach hurt. All the people that showed up to show us love and try to make it special for us even though we had no expectations. I go back to all the naps (yes naps! that's a big deal for us mamas) and late night casino turn-ups. The staying up all night and exploring a new place with my best friend (My HUSBAND). I can honestly say our wedding was perfect for US!


I want to take a moment to thank my family for coming out and showing out. To travel from one side of the country to the other on a whim is a big deal and I really appreciate it. I LOVE YOU ALL!