The Big Day Your Way: Four Real Wedding Stories

"Meet me in the altar in your white dress 
We ain't getting no younger, we might as well do it 
Been feeling all the while girl I must confess 
Girl let's just get married" - Jagged Edge

If there is one thing I love more than seeing captures from someone's wedding it's hearing the story behind the big day. The Good. The Bad. The Chaos. The Calm. As many of you may know I'm quickly counting down the days from Miss to Mrs and I find comfort in hearing others stories. Being able to hear first hand from other Brides makes this crazy road down the aisle seem not so crazy. I've collaborated with a few of my favorite mommas from Instagram to bring you all the tales of their Big Day and how they did it their way. 


My husband and I are high school sweethearts, we were together for 11 years before we got married. I always envision we would have a big fairytale wedding; so once we were engaged I immediately started planning the wedding of our dreams. Now one thing they don’t tell little girls is that your “dream wedding” is expensive! Really expensive! Especially in New York City where we’re both originally from. After pricing out the biggest cost such as the venue, food and drinks I knew we wouldn’t be able to afford our dream wedding. I wasn’t completely opposed to a small wedding. I actually preferred it but even a small wedding would cost well over ten thousand dollars. We decided that even that was too expensive. After much consideration we decided to elope was the best decision for us. Eloping can be a bit controversial with friends and family but we did what we felt was best for us, and you know what? It was the best decision ever! Not only did we save a ton of money but we also had a relaxed, stress-free day. We only worried about us and what made us happy. What is a wedding day about after all? We went to the courthouse with a photographer (who happened to be a close friend) we had a spectacular dinner at a fancy restaurant, we even cut small wedding cake that I ordered from a local bakery. All and all I am so pleased when I look back at our special
day it was perfect for us and I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Concepcion is a mom to one precious little girl and a very talented cookie designer you can find her on Instagram @ one_fancy_cookie


I'm a southern momma from North Carolina, my husband and I got married Nov 5, 2016, at a rustic barn in my hometown. The theme was rustic plaid and my bridesmaids and I made my decorations as well as decorated the barn the day before after the rehearsal dinner. We went against our families wishes and decided to have a first look and I'm so glad we did! it was an amazing and intimate moment between him and me with no one around but the photographer. We also decided to do a tree planting ceremony where we got soil from his side of the family and my side and replanted a tree to symbolize two families coming together into one and it became our Family Tree. Not everything went as planned but it was perfect, went by too fast but we loved our day and had a blast!

Telisha is a mother of two sets of twins, be on the lookout for her blog coming soon... you can follow her on Instagram @ doublethedoubles


"A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are". To some, the thought of being married may seem scary, or exciting, or just plain crazy, for me it was exciting because I knew who I was marrying, and all I could think about was the wonderful life we would have together. Aiesha and I had been together for a long time, and with our daughter being here, it was only a matter of time before we would decide to totally unify our families through marriage. It was a small, private ceremony, and although I always expected to have a big huge event for my Wedding day, I came to the realization that's it not about the size of the guest list that makes it special, it's the size of the commitment you have in your heart to share your life with your special partner to make your lives greater. To this day that sentiment still holds true, but I may have a few tricks up my sleeve in the future when we renew our vows.

Aiesha is a soon to be mother of three, photographer, and fellow mom blogger. You learn more about her and her growing family on Instagram @ these.4walls or the blog @ these4wallsblog 



My husband and I met when we were 17 years old. We got engaged a few weeks before our high school graduation. He had sworn into the Army a few months before graduating high school, so in June 2012, he went off to basic training. I enrolled in college and patiently waited for his return from basic training. While he was away, I began planning our wedding for April of 2013. I bought a dress, booked a venue, and began to pull the wedding together. Then, in September of 2012, our plans hit a wall. My husband found out he was going to be stationed in Hawaii. That meant that he would not be able to come home for the wedding we had planned. So, we brainstormed a bit and decided to cancel the wedding. Instead, I hopped on a plane in January of 2013 to go to Hawaii. We eloped, just the two of us, on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. He wore a plain white t-shirt and khaki shorts. I wore a $10 sundress with a light blue belt around the waist for my “something blue”. It was sweet, simple, and quick. I was back on a plane the day after we eloped (because with the military, after you get married you have to do a lot of paperwork in order for your spouse to be able to live with you). Part of me wishes we’d gotten to have that big, dream wedding.....but in the end, we have each other, and that is enough. We have been married for almost 6 years now and I couldn’t ask for a better husband. It just goes to show that the extravagance of the wedding isn’t a testament to how long the love will last. Sometimes all you need is each other. 

Ashley is a lifestyle blogger and girl mom strong. If you want to know more about her and her family you can check out her blog mamastateofmind or follow her on Instagram @ mamastateofmind

Thank you to each of these beautiful ladies and you too Erik (lol) for sharing your stories. If there is one thing I've learned throughout this journey its when it comes to the Big Day you have to do it Your Way. While the wedding day is special it's the marriage that is really important. I look forward to being able to share my story with you all soon!

Dope Mom Style: Audrey Fuller

My name is Audrey Fuller. I'm 26 years old and my daughter is 5 years old. We live in Orlando FL. I am an accounting specialist. You can follow me on Instagram at mommystyle_

1. How would u describe your style? I would describe my style as trendy but I put my own little twist into it, fun because I’m young and like to explore and try didn’t things yet simple, because I find myself always gravitating to black and I have to catch myself and say OK let me get a color that I haven’t worn in awhile. 

2. Has your style changed since becoming a mom? My style is pretty much the same. I have always been into fashion so it probably expanded more when I had her because it’s another person I have to dress up and think of different cute ideas for her to look stylish and cute but still age appropriate.

 3. What is your go-to mom uniform? My go-to outfit usually is something comfortable, practical yet still stylish which is a T-shirt,
sneakers tights or Denim Jeans. 

4. Your mommy and me outfits you do with your daughter are so dope. Do you think you would have done mommy and me looks if you had a boy? Yes definitely, I think it would be easier too! I wear a lot of sneakers anyway so I would just get my son a matching pair and put him on a plain color T-shirt and some jeans to match. 

5. If you could give advice to any mom or mom to be about achieving and keeping great style what would it be? My advice would be, stay true to yourself and what you like and feel comfortable in. I know often times when becoming a mom we lose ourselves because we are so focused on our kids but You feel so much better when you look good so don’t feel bad if you want to treat yourself sometimes because we deserve it!

You can find more of these dope mommy and me looks here on Audrey's Instagram mommystyle_  

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Featuring Heavenly Handmade Shop

What better way to celebrate mother's day than by supporting a mom-owned small shop? I've partnered with Kei'shae Green from Heavenly Handmade Shop to bring you all some dope personalized Mother's Day gift ideas. 

Meet The Mom Behind The Shop

My name is Kei’shae Green and I reside in Saraland, AL with my amazing husband of 6 1/2 years and our three blessings: Karl, lll-5 years old, Kevin- 3 years, and Kenneth- 1-month-old. Yep! I’m a boy mom of 3 energetic boys and I love it! Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a wife, work with kids and be a mom. I must give thanks to God because I’m living my dream of being a wife, mom and kindergarten teacher. People always ask “how do you do it?” My answer is “prayer, patience, support system, and cherishing every moment in life.” You only have one life to live so live it to your fullest potential and learn from every moment. 

Kei’shae H. Green

The Mom Tote


Hand Towels

These three items can be personalized to your liking to fit that special person in your life. I think that's what makes these gifts so amazing. As a mom I know I love customized gifts for Mother's Day because it makes me feel like they took a little extra time to create something just for me. I also love the fact that even after mother's day each item will still be used because let's be honest every day is Mother's Day, so why not purchase something we can use every day?! Oh, and did I mention the creator, Mrs. Green, is my cousin? Yes, she is part of my blood tribe and I couldn't be more proud!

 You can purchase your individualized items here Heavenly Homemade Shop Facebook or here Heavenly Handmade Shop Instagram 

You can also follow Kei'Shae Green and her family over on Instagram Karlwifey to keep up with the Greens.